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FAQs -


Getting Ready For Camp

Is there anything I need to do between enrolling and showing up on the first day of camp?

Yes. Log into your account HERE and review your enrollment details. Check your camper’s emergency contacts and t-shirt size and confirm that you’ve signed up for extended care if you need it. If you see discrepancies or have questions, please contact our customer service team here.

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided. All campers are required to bring a nut-free snack and packed lunch from home. We also recommend that you pack a refillable water bottle for your camper.

What should my camper wear/bring to camp?
  • Wear casual clothing that can get dirty and comfortable shoes for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Bring a nut-free snack and lunch and a water bottle (plus a second snack for afternoon extended care, if needed).
  • Arrive with sunscreen already applied and bring a hat and additional sunscreen.
What should my camper bring for Water Day on Thursdays?

Campers should show up with bathing suits under their clothes, closed-toe shoes (water shoes are a great option), a towel and sunscreen.

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