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Pasadena Summer Camps | Camp Galileo

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Pasadena Summer Camps

K - 10th | Jun 26 - Aug 4

New Horizon School

Summer day camp in PASADENA at NEW HORIZON SCHOOL. Rediscover summer fun with innovation-igniting, hands-on learning in SoCal.


Camp Hours: 9am – 3pm

AM Extended Care: 8am – 9am

PM Extended Care: 3pm – 6pm

Schedule & Pricing
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Pasadena Camp Information

| Check-In/Out Information

Check-In & Check-Out Instructions

Due to limited parking at this school, check-in and check-out is drive-thru/curbside only. Please enter the school’s driveway from Orange Grove Ave. The car line will queue up on the right most lane of Orange Grove Ave. and extend around the corner on Cypress Ave. To join the car line, use the Lincoln Ave./Barthe Dr. intersection and drive down Cypress Ave. towards Orange Grove Ave. Upon entering the school’s driveway, a staff member will direct you the left or right drive thru lane. Please pull up as far as possible and put your car in park for the safety of all campers and staff.

In order to keep the line moving, please do not block the driveways in the neighborhood, park on Cypress Ave., turn left into New Horizon School’s lower campus, or try to turn left into Cypress Ave. from Orange Grove Ave.

How to prepare for check-in and check-out:

Before Monday check-in: Review your customer portal and ensure that your child’s camper information is complete including their health history and emergency contact info During check-out: Please have your ID ready and display the Galileo placard (you’ll receive this during check-in on Monday) in the lower right hand corner of the front windshield. Once we’ve verified your ID to our authorized pick-up list, you’ll pull up to the driveway where your camper will meet you. For safety reasons, please drive slowly and refrain from using your cell phone during the pick-up process.

Monday Check-In

(based on last names)

A-F Monday - 8:15
Tue-Fri - 8:45-9:00am
G-O Monday - 8:15
Tue-Fri - 8:45-9:00am
P-Z Monday - 8:15
Tue-Fri - 8:45-9:00am
Daily Check-Out

(based on last names)

A-F 3:00-3:20pm
G-O 3:00-3:20pm
P-Z 3:00-3:20pm

Families will Check in/out during their assigned window, according to their last name. We ask that families adhere as much as possible to their Check-in window. If you are responsible for multiple campers in different windows, please use the earlier window to drop off and pick up all campers if possible.

We require a parent or guardian to Check-in with campers on Monday. Shortly after Monday morning Check-in, you will receive an email detailing what to expect in the week ahead.

Tuesday-Friday, check-in will be from 8:45-9 and we will offer curbside drop off at all camps

| What To Bring Each Day

All items must be labeled with your camper’s name on it.




    (only on Thursday for Water Day)


    (After first Monday)


    (If applicable)


| On The Thursday Before Camp Week


Log in to your account and review your registration details, including Health History.


Check that you have included all of the right adults as emergency/authorized pick-up contacts


Make sure you have signed up for extended care if needed.

| Parking Information

Check-In and Check-Out will be conducted curbside/drive-thru. In order to enter the lot, please follow the signs as the driveways are one-way only. Feel free to use the parking lot between the hours of 10am-2pm if you are dropping off your camper later or picking them up early in the day.

Should you need to park, please join the carline and as you enter the driveway, a staff member will direct you to an available parking spot. Please do not park on Cypress Ave. before 10am or after 2pm.

| Contacting Camp

For anything urgent during camp hours:

Call the camp phone at (626) 344-8185.

For questions about your upcoming camp week, current week attendance or changes to your authorized pickups, call the camp phone at (626) 344-8185.

For any other questions about your camp location or feedback about your camper’s experience: Please email your Camp Director at

Scheduling and Pricing

| Schedule

Summer Camp 2023 enrollment is now open!

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If your program is waitlisted please sign up. It’s likely we will be adding availability in our camps as we continue to work with the location to secure more space, add weeks and make adjustments to camp structure based on CDC guidelines.
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| Pricing

1st Week


Meteor Pricing: $

CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


2nd Week


Meteor Pricing: $

CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


3rd Week


Meteor Pricing: $

CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


Get Ready For Summer Fun

Check out our camp guide for general camp information

Camp Galileo Guide


Camp Galileo has four age-groups designed to deliver and experience that perfectly balances challenge and fun at every level.

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