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Inclusion and Diversity -

Diversity & Inclusion

Creating inclusive and diverse communities and culture is deeply linked to achievement of Galileo’s mission to develop innovators who envision and create a better world.

What Diversity Means To Us

Above all else, we’re individuals committed to developing young innovators, and being true innovators ourselves. At its core, innovation requires a few essential tools—knowledge, process, and the right mindset. We believe that diversity within our camper and staff communities—across race, the gender spectrum, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and ability—fosters the ever-evolving development of these tools in all of us.

Our values reflect this connection. For example we are visionary by assuming responsibility for creating and fulfilling a bold vision for Galileo and its programs; we are courageous by aggressively acting to increase our impact through reaching more kids and affecting them more deeply; and we are collaborative by creating a joy-filled, playful, and rewarding work environment that permits life balance and allows our best-selves to emerge.

At Galileo, we seek to cultivate an inclusive, vibrant and diverse community of innovators—divergent thinkers who bring various experiences and viewpoints to the table. We believe this is critical for achievement of our mission and, by extension, that these practices positively impact the world.


We won’t be satisfied until every single camper feels at home at Galileo.

Galileo is working to cultivate the type of vibrant, diverse community in which we can all thrive. It’s also our goal that, as torchbearers of Galileo’s mission and culture, our staff feel heard, empowered, and invested in acting as role models for our campers—creating inclusive environments, with awareness of and tools to overcome unconscious bias.

Here are a few of the steps we are taking:

  • Launched an Inclusion & Diversity initiative, assembled teams focused on: staff education and engagement, staff hiring, camper and staff outreach, curriculum, and greater equity through our financial assistance program.
  • Creating tenets illustrating exactly what being an inclusive and diverse camp looks like, and then training Camp Directors and camp staff how to bring those tenets to life.
  • Connecting with subject matter experts to ensure that, when applicable, our curriculum is centered on cultural appreciation rather than cultural appropriation, and arming instructors with the context and language to address this in camp classrooms.
  • Rolling out a comprehensive education plan for our Headquarters team, including monthly sessions on topics ranging from unconscious bias to active inclusion to the business case for creating an inclusive and diverse workplace.
  • Revamping our hiring manager tools and training to more fully reflect our inclusive values.
  • Building recruiting partnerships with organizations like CityYear and Students Rising Above, and diversified on-campus recruiting strategies to connect with even more diverse candidates.
  • Diversifying our outreach practices and setting goals for greater equity by ensuring highest need campers have access to our financial assistance program.


We strive to design programs that take all campers and staff into account. That said, we will not always be able to accommodate each individual’s specific needs.

Most common needs and/or potential challenges are often accounted for, and we know that every person and family is unique. We commit to providing transparency and support during your camp selection process and your week(s) at camp. This includes guiding you to make the best decision possible when choosing your camp program.

Learn more about camper equity and scholarships at galileo

Camper Equity + Scholarships

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