How Summer Hiring Works


Galileo’s hiring process is designed to explore your alignment with our mission and values. We seek any and all ways to say yes to great candidates and find the right position match for you.

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Online Application

Based on your application, we’ll consider which locations and open positions fit your preferences, skills and interests.

What to expect and prepare:

  • Get familiar with our audacious mission.
  • Have your resume ready to upload as a Word, PDF, or Dropbox document.
  • Set aside 10-15 minutes to complete the online application in one sitting.
  • You’ll hear from one of our Selection Specialists within 2 to 5 business days about our decision and next steps. Until that point, you’re welcome to contact of 510.595.7293 x2 if you have questions.

Face-to-Face Interview

Meet a Galileo Camp Director, get a taste of Galileo culture and the camp day, and finalize the exact position, location and team that is right for you (which in some cases means supporting multiple teams and locations!).

What to expect and prepare:

  • Depending on schedules, either attend an in-person group interview or a video group interview.
  • In group interviews, several candidates and Galileo team members come together to simulate a camp team experience. It’s likely you’re there with your future teammates, rather than competitors. You’ll participate in small group activities — including leading your own camp activity (and gleefully participate in activities led by others) — and having a one-on-one interview with a Galileo Camp Director.
  • Within two weeks, you’ll receive a final decision and next steps.

The Offer

Welcome to the Galileo team!

The offer phone will cover:

  • Expectations as employee and employer, collaborators and colleagues.
  • Your Camp Director’s vision for your unique camp community.
  • Work hours and dates, pay, training and professional development, and more.

What to expect and prepare:

  • Offers are conducted by phone, and take up to 30 minutes
  • This is an opportunity to ask a lot of questions of the person who is leading the team you just joined.
  • Within 1 business day of the call, you’ll receive an email with the detailed written offer.
  • You’re welcome to take a couple of days to consider, then accept (we hope!) by e-signing and returning your offer.



This fully-online process wraps up the legal and logistical steps required to be a Galileo staff member, so you can start training ASAP.

What to expect and prepare:

  • Onboarding is online, through the Galileo Employee Portal.
  • Have your social security number, medical history and coverage details, emergency contact info, and tax preferences ready to go.
  • Once finished, you can start online training in our custom-built training system. Get excited!