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Partnerships -


For over 20 years, Galileo has been a leader in the summer camp market serving more than 600,000 children at over 60 locations in Northern and Southern California, Chicagoland, Denver, and Seattle.

We believe that ALL children deserve access to high-quality expanded learning programs that will help them become the very best they can be. Our imagination-sparking, STEAM-based, expanded learning programs blend signature projects, hands-on collaboration and outdoor games to unlock the innovation skills students need to thrive—how to creatively solve problems, fearlessly try new things and persist in the face of challenges

“Galileo’s curriculum, with its focus on innovative educational projects, has been a perfect fit for our summer programs. These are skills and experiences ALL kids, regardless of income or zip code, deserve.”
Erin Brannan, Former Chief Program Officer, Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula

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Our Partnership Programs

Galileo provides high-quality enrichment programs for K-6th graders that support your school community and satisfy ELOP requirements.

Comprehensive Summer Enrichment

  • Up to 6 weeks and 9 hours per day
  • Powerful, imagination-sparking STEAM curriculum that mitigates learning loss
  • Engaging, hands-on collaborative projects and outdoor play every day
  • Experienced, enthusiastic staff that meet your hiring requirements

Curriculum & Professional Development

  • Customized content from our curriculum library for your expanded learning needs
  • Convenient delivery of all curriculum materials
  • Best-in-class professional development & program training for your staff
  • On-site observation and coaching to boost performance
As a superintendent and a parent of Galileo campers, I am always seeking quality educational programs that can deeply support children’s year-round learning experiences. In these regards, Galileo really delivers – through both its fun and engaging curriculum and its unbelievably energetic and skilled staff.
- Craig Baker, Former Superintendent, San Carlos & Cupertino Union School Districts


Stanford Graduate School of Education researchers found that our approach really works:

Students who experience our programs tend to:

  • Persevere at unfamiliar challenges
  • Share their ideas more freely
  • Respond better in the face of failure

In our 2022 customer survey, families:


Our research-based curriculum fuses STEAM learning with the Galileo Innovation Approach (GIA), our pedagogical framework inspired by:

  • The design thinking methodology developed at the Stanford
  • Carol Dweck’s groundbreaking work on the elements of a growth mindset

Every project and activity sets children up to do three things:

  1. Build their innovator’s mindset —practicing things like being visionary, collaborative and determined
  2. Work through an iterative design process that includes creating, testing, failing and redesigning, until the goal is achieved
  3. Learn something new

The Result

Students come home with more than just cool projects—they take with them the critical thinking, collaboration and creativity skills that they need for success in school and that are increasingly required in the job market.

Outstanding curriculum + incredible staff = a program that develops young people into innovators and creative problem solvers.”
- Susie Wise, Ph.D, Founder & Former Director, K12 Lab, Stanford



Thank you for your interest in partnering with Galileo. We’re excited to collaborate with you to customize an enriching program to meet your expanded learning needs.

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