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Camp Directors -

2024 Camp Director Jobs

Apply Now

2024 Camp Director Jobs

Apply Now

Camp Directors Galileo Camps

being a camp Director

Whether you’re working towards a career as a principal, starting a business, or founding an education non-profit, becoming a Galileo Camp Director can be an invaluable component of your professional development. You’ll be at the center of your own buzzing hive of innovation, managing staff professional development, overseeing camp operations, building relationships with parents, and inspiring campers from preschool to middle school to create and fail without fear.


Our Camp Directors come from all kinds of backgrounds but share certain commonalities. They are polished professionals with significant experience working with kids and managing teams. Camp Directors are fun, creative, committed and organized with an eye for detail.

Read about the backgrounds of our Camp Directors and how they’ve developed professionally by working with Galileo.

Staff talking to two campers

Training & Support

Camp Directors receive exceptional management training, setting them up to successfully run a fully-developed camp program and obtain future leadership positions. Support includes pre-season weekend retreats, coaching throughout camp, tools for managing camp operations, access to Galileo’s network of prominent educational leaders, and more.

Galileo Camp Director Jackie Alvarez


The Camp Director role is a serious commitment but is designed to complement school-year employment or graduate school. Training kicks off with remote, part time work throughout the spring until you’re leading your team and campers full-time June – August.


Galileo Camp Director with chicken hat

I’m constantly amazed by the ripple effect Galileo continues to have in my life – I feel like there are lessons I’m still nurturing from my time with Galileo, along with the deeply ingrained ones that are embedded in my work. I’ve yet to have a more thoughtful, skillful and effective professional development support system than what I was provided with at Galileo.”


– Christina Costelo, Former Camp Director 

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