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About -

We develop innovators who envision and create a better world

Our big why

We believe our world needs solution-oriented innovators like never before. We also believe that kids who learn to explore and fail with courage—the essence of innovation—are happier, more creative and more confident when faced with life’s challenges. That's why we're so committed to bringing these skills to the campers and communities we serve.

Galileo at glance

Partners in Innovation

Galileo works with like-minded organizations across our communities to enhance and extend opportunities for innovation education.

A Camp Like No Other

Pioneering Curriculum

We invest, test and iterate to create a living camp design that never stops improving. Every hands-on project is grounded in the Galileo Innovation Approach, and our age-appropriate activities are bursting with creative possibilities and game-changing life lessons.

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Superstar Staffers

The heart of Galileo beats inside our passionate people who nurture and inspire campers every day. We seek out the best of the best through our meticulous screening process, and couldn’t be prouder of our talented, professional staff, so many of whom return each and every year.

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(Fun x Enrichment)2

Yes, we aim to change the world, but this is also summer camp! That's why we create fun, embrace fun and learn through fun. In all honesty, things can sometimes get downright goofy (our mascot is a rubber chicken, after all).


Making Direct Impact on Kids

  • We’ve served over 225,000 campers since our start in 2002.
  • As a Stanford study details, campers internalize the skills they learn at Galileo—collaboration, persistence, resilience—and apply them to other aspects of their lives.
  • While campers experience some of these mindset-shifting benefits in as little as a week, we see the impact grow significantly over multiple weeks and summers at camp.
  • Our commitment to access for low-income students shows: We hold 10% of camp spots for financial assistance recipients and have awarded over 26,000 scholarships to date.

Leading a Movement

  • We’ve trained over 10,000 staff members in the Galileo Innovation Approach®, providing support to educators who bring back our methods to their school year classrooms.
  • We’ve conducted hundreds of parent and educator workshops aimed at raising innovators and building creative confidence.

What Others Say About Us

  • Industry-leading parent recommendation and camper retention rates.
  • Award-winning camps: Consistently awarded “Best Camp” in the communities we serve.
  • Excellent YELP rating: 82 Yelp listings/average rating of 4.5 stars.
  • Named one of The Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for nine years.
  • Named one of Forbes’ Best Small Companies In America in 2017.

We Believe in a Bright Future

We believe in a future created by kids who believe their ideas matter and know how to turn them into reality. A future where innovators can inspire meaningful change in their world, in ways big and small. Because the future isn’t fixed—it’s ours to make.

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We Believe in Innovation

Galileo camps combine imagination, STEAM exploration and play to ignite the innovator in every kid. Grounded in the legendary Galileo Innovation Approach, or GIA, our hands-on activities cultivate essential skills—including collaboration, perseverance and creative confidence—that last a lifetime.

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We Believe in Friendship

Led by our extraordinary staff of educators, college students, artists and even former campers, Galileo campers create and play in a safe, inclusive environment where teamwork is paramount and making new friends is easy.

See our Stance on Inclusivity

We Believe in Fun

Every week at Camp Galileo is a unique adventure filled with stories, projects and surprises designed for maximum engagement and giggles. From fun machines and rubber chicken cheers to water days and classic camp games, it's summer camp fun at its most unforgettable.


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