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The Power of Practice

Did you ever learn to play an instrument, speak a second language, or play a new sport? Chances are that the early days of these forays into new skills were riddled with incorrect notes, chaotic conjugation, field goal misfires, and... Read more

Kick the Back to School Blues With These Helpful Tips

After a year of unusual learning circumstances, families across the world are uncertain about what to expect this fall. The transition from hybrid learning, to summer, and now back to school brings many challenges, but also affords children the opportunity... Read more

Rediscovering Summer Fun at Camp Galileo

Summer 2021 has seen the joyous reunion of Galileo’s camp communities. Campers, families, and staff agree: it sure is great to be back in action. While Camp Galileo is always a blast and a half, this summer is something unique.... Read more