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DIY Project Ideas & Educational Activities for Kids | Galileo Blog

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Galileo Learning – Coronavirus Update

Dear Families, As an organization run by parents that has been responsible for thousands of kids’ summer experiences over the last 18 years, Galileo considers the health and safety of our campers, families and staff to be our top priority.... Read more

DIY: Design a New Dance

Get moving with a design challenge that’s all about dance. Bid a fond farewell to flossing and get ready to create the next dance craze.  

Our Favorite DIY Activities for Kids

Looking for a hands-on project for the kids in your life? We’ve got you covered. DIY ACTIVITIES For Ages 5+ Design a New Dance For Ages 6+ Build a Super Tall Straw Tower Hit the Bullseye With Your Own Bow... Read more

Camp is Better with Friends

My daughter was 16 months old when we moved back to the Bay Area from San Diego in 2006. My wife and I were leaving behind some dear friends who hadn’t yet had their own kids. Fast forward to now:... Read more

DIY for Kids: Build a Straw Tower

DIY for Kids: How to Build a Super Tall Straw Tower

Nothing's as much fun as building something as tall as you can make it, from pillow forts to stacks of blocks to skyscraping towers. This DIY challenge lets you supersize your dreams by building the tallest tower you can out of just a few simple materials.

Growing Up Galileo

Unlocking creativity & design thinking skills that last a lifetime Galileo Summer Camps (and Spring Break Camps, too) offer something that is so much more than fun for the kids who come spend time with us each year. They also... Read more

DIY for Kids: Craft Stick Bow

DIY for Kids: Hit the Bullseye With Your Own Bow and Arrows

This DIY challenge hits the mark for hands-on fun. Inspired by the way real bows and arrows work but made using simple techniques, this super-strong, carefully tested craft stick and straw set is the perfect project for aspiring archers and innovators—like you!

Finding Your Lionheart

Mary is a nurse in Ventura County, California. She was on call at home when the Amazon box was dropped on her front step. She sprayed it with a watered-down bleach solution and returned to the backyard to garden for... Read more

How To Help Kids Be Visionary & Do Good From Home

Partnerships with like-minded organizations have always been a key component of Galileo’s ethos, and they feel especially valuable in times like these. In the spirit of being visionary, we think it’s the perfect time to introduce you to Design for... Read more