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6 Ways to Support Distance Learning

Like countless other parents, you may have noticed some resistance from your kiddos to the online learning process and are wondering how to help your child stay engaged now that distance learning will continue. Whether online learning is for school,... Read more

New Weeklong & Weekly Options -

16 New Ways To Brighten the Distance Learning Doldrums

Camp Galileo Anywhere Fall Online Classes Begin August 31st Galileo is delighted to announce the introduction of new online classes and camps for Fall 2020. The new Camp Galileo online titles being offered – in addition to the dozens of... Read more

Galileo Coloring Contest Details

There are lots of reasons to love coloring. Coloring can help kids improve their fine motor skills, develop spatial awareness, learn color awareness and recognition, practice creative self-expression, and more. Motivated the opportunity to practice mindfulness, reduce anxiety, and find... Read more

Distance Learning Tips for Families, from Families

Parenting is no easy feat. Even under normal circumstances, raising kids who are empowered, empathetic, persistent problem-solvers is a very big deal. Add in the everyday logistical puzzle of meal-making, homework-helping, and errand-running, and the mind reels. It’s hard. Under... Read more