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DIY Project Ideas & Educational Activities for Kids | Galileo Blog

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Solidarity in Action

At Galileo, we teach innovation, and we know that innovation is not just about inventing the coolest new tech gadget. In fact, our organization’s name invokes the rebellious spirit of a great thinker who faced house arrest as a result... Read more

Fun Activities for Kids to Celebrate Parents’ Day

There’s no denying it: parents are superheroes. Even in regular times, these capeless crusaders pull off superhuman feats of grocery shopping, homework helping, meal making, game playing, bandage applying, and bear hugging. This year, many parents and caregivers pulled double-duty... Read more

Camp Galileo’s First Summer in Denver

Welcome to summer camp 2020! Innovation is the driving force behind Denver’s newest summer day camp, Innovation Station powered by Camp Galileo. In the strangest summer on record, campers in northeast Denver are still learning all about the innovation design... Read more

Language Matters: 9 Ways to Build Workplace Trust

At Galileo HQ, we’ve made it our business to build hundreds of strong teams over the past two decades. Whether across summer staff, Camp Directors, or year-round employees, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to learn more ways to create spaces for... Read more