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Highlands Ranch Summer Camp | Camp Galileo

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Highlands Ranch

GRADES K - 5 | JUNE 10 - JULY 26

SkyView Academy

Summer day camp in Highlands Ranch. Join us for an exciting summer of mind-bending STEAM projects and outrageously fun camp traditions for K-5th graders.


Camp Hours: 9am – 3pm

AM Extended Care: 8am – 9am

PM Extended Care: 3pm – 6pm


*This location is not operating the week of July 1st.

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Highlands Ranch Camp Information

| Check-In/Out Information

Check-in Instructions

On Monday morning please follow the signs past the initial parking lot all the way around the back of the building to a smaller parking lot – park here and walk your kids into camp into the entrance on south side near the gate between 8:30-9:00am. We require a parent or guardian to check-in campers on Monday.

On Tuesday-Friday, we'll offer curbside drop-off from 8:45-9:00am along Business Center Drive, in the loading zone. Staff will greet you at your car and walk your kids to check-in – no need to park.

Check-out Instructions

Check-out begins at 3:00pm.

Please park and follow signs and staff to direct you where to check out your camper.

We require a photo ID from an adult on your camper's authorized pick-up list every day at check out.

| What To Bring Each Day

All items must be labeled with your camper’s name on it.






    (only on Thursday for Water Day)


    (After first Monday)


    (If applicable)


| On The Thursday Before Camp Week


Log in to your account and review your registration details, including Health History.


Check that you have included all of the right adults as emergency/authorized pick-up contacts


Make sure you have signed up for extended care if needed.

| Parking Information

Please park in the very back Skyview Academy parking lot behind the building and walk to the south entrance of Skyview Academy.

| Contacting Camp

For anything urgent during camp hours:

Call the camp phone at (720) 986-6883.

For questions about your upcoming camp week, current week attendance or changes to your authorized pickups, call the camp phone at (720) 986-6883.

For any other questions about your camp location or feedback about your camper’s experience: Please email your Camp Director at

Scheduling and Pricing

| Schedule

Summer Camp 2024 Enrollment Now Open!

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If your program is waitlisted please sign up. It’s likely we will be adding availability in our camps as we continue to work with the location to secure more space and add weeks.
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| Pricing

1st Week


CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


2nd-5th Week


CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


6th Week


CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


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*Meteor Go Kart weeks will incur a $100 materials fee.

Get Ready For Summer Fun

Check out our camp guide for general camp information

Camp Galileo Guide

Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch Summer Camp

Step into an extraordinary summer adventure at Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch like never before! At Camp Galileo, we champion the transformative power of summer camps in sparking creativity, fueling critical thinking, and nurturing vital life skills. Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch is a beacon of diverse activities, featuring engaging STEAM projects, intriguing design challenges, and a variety of classic summer camp games. Each week unfolds a new array of mind-stretching activities, keeping campers captivated throughout the season. Our campers delve into a world of hands-on exploration and collaborative learning every day. The Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch experience is truly unparalleled!


The Premier Summer Camp Experience at Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch

Prepare your child for a summer brimming with boundless adventures at our exhilarating Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch Summer Camp! At Galileo, we are dedicated to nurturing creativity, enhancing problem-solving skills, and fostering a sense of community in each camp session. Our mission at Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch is to develop innovators who dream of and create a better world. We inspire the inquisitive minds of our campers to tackle challenges with innovative solutions, believe in their ideas, and bring them to fruition, receiving feedback to refine them further. We also focus on bolstering their social skills through collaborative projects and engaging activities that promote determination and reflection. Through dynamic group games, team-building exercises, and shared projects, campers learn the significance of effective communication, teamwork, and the strength of friendships.

Our day camp in Highlands Ranch offers a unique opportunity for children to explore their passions and interests. At our summer camp, young minds are constantly evolving, whether they’re igniting significant innovation through STEAM activities or unleashing their creativity through design challenges.

Join Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch Summer Camp

Get ready for a summer filled with excitement and joy at Camp Galileo Highlands Ranch! Our mission at Camp Galileo is to nurture innovators who envision and create a better world. We motivate our campers’ curious minds to break free from conventional thinking, while also developing their social skills through cooperative projects and exhilarating activities. Our enthusiastic counselors are eager to welcome your campers, integrating them into the vibrant Galileo community. Don’t miss the chance to enroll now and give your children a summer filled with cherished memories!

Ready to give your kids a summer they’ll talk about for years to come? Enroll today for an unforgettable summer experience at Camp Galileo’s Highlands Ranch location.


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