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Camp Guide -

Ready to Get Started?

Read our camp guidelines below to get started on your Camp Galileo adventure!

For location-specific info (check-in/check-out instructions, contact info, etc.) visit your camp’s specific webpage.

Important note: This guide to camp pertains to our direct to consumer camps—not our Galileo X program which includes the following sites: Linda Vista Elementary, LUCHA Elementary, Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula, Key Academy Charter, McGaugh Elementary School, Cesar Chavez Middle School, Helen Keller Elementary School, Hosier Middle School, Lincoln Elementary School, Lindbergh Elementary School, Wilson Elementary School, KIPP Valiant Community Prep, Barrel Springs, Cactus Magnet Academy, Kingsley Elementary School, La Verne Science and Technology Charter School, Roosevelt Elementary School, KIPP Excelencia Community Prep, Encinita Elementary School, McKinley School, Bayview Elementary School and Saint Helena Elementary School.  If you are looking for information pertaining to one of the listed Galileo X sites, please email

Camp Check-in and Check-out

Camp Check-in and Check-out

We require a parent or guardian to Check-In with campers on Monday.

In the week prior to your camp’s start date, you will receive an email detailing what to expect in the week ahead. Please make an effort to be punctual as once our camp day starts, our staff are in action and we want to keep distractions at bay! If you need to arrive late, please notify your Camp Director via phone or email and they can advise you on the best drop-off procedure. If it was unplanned, call the camp line (listed on your camp’s location webpage) when you arrive and someone will come meet you at the entrance.


Check-in on Mondays is from 8:30-9:00am at all our sites. Please arrive as close to 8:30am as possible to allow time for check-in on Mondays as we will need to verify your health history information and authorized pick up list. Camp activities start at 9:00am sharp.

For camp-specific Check-In and Check-Out information on the first day of camp, visit your camp’s location page.

Checking-In Tuesday – Friday

Check-in is from 8:45-9:00 am; families may arrive at any time during the 15 minute Check-in period. Families arriving before 8:45 am on Tuesday – Friday can choose to wait with their campers until check-in. We offer curbside drop-off at most camps. Check your camp’s specific page to see if this is offered.

AM Extended Care

If your child is enrolled in morning Extended Care, you may Check-in anytime after 8:00 am.

Check-Out Information

To keep campers safe, we require a photo ID from an adult on your camper’s authorized pick-up list every day at check-out.

If you would like to add someone to your camper’s authorized pick-up list, please make the change directly in your account and confirm these changes with camp staff upon check in. Updates you make to your online account after 9AM on Friday will not be reflected in our rosters the following week. Changes made after that time should be both made online and also confirmed with camp staff upon check-in.

The camp day ends at 3pm. We charge a $1 per minute late fee for families picking up after 3:30 pm. Campers will wait near the camp Extended Care Check-Out area or in extended care, space permitting.


PM Extended Care

If your camper is signed up for our afternoon extended care, you can pick up your camper anytime between 3:30 and 6pm. We charge a $1 per minute late fee after 6pm.

What To Bring

What To Bring

Here’s a list of what to bring each day (labeled with your camper’s name on it). Please note that we are a NUT-FREE camp!



Campers should wear casual clothing that can get dirty and comfortable shoes for indoor and outdoor activities. Campers will frequently use art supplies & paint and while all of our paints are rated washable (EXCEPT for the Go-Karts paint), we recommend clothes you won’t mind getting stained. Campers may be outside in the sun for extended periods and in some of our camps outdoor activities are the majority of the day. At our Bay Area camps, it can be cold and or foggy, especially in the morning. Please bring layers and dress accordingly!

Due to their curriculum, we recommend that campers going into 5th – 8th grade wear closed toed shoes to camp each day.

Campers can optionally dress up for the following Theme Days*:

Tuesday – Team Day: Campers dress in their team color.

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday: Your Camp Director will post out front of camp a reminder for what the Wacky Wednesday theme is each week.

Thursday – Water Day (for select locations): Wear your swimsuit under your clothes and closed toed water shoes to camp, and prepare to have a blast getting soaked playing water games! Please note that some camps (San Francisco) will not offer Water Day due to inclement weather.

Friday – We are Galileo: Wear your Galileo t-shirt!

*Some camp schedules may differ from what is listed above. Please check in with your Camp Director or another camp staff member on the Monday of camp to see what your camp’s Theme Day schedule is.

Water Bottle

We recommend all campers come to camp each day with a water bottle.


Please pack your camper a snack and lunch. If your camper’s day includes afternoon extended care, please pack an afternoon snack as well. Please note that campers may not share food due to health and safety restrictions and only nut-free food items are allowed; food will not be refrigerated and may be outside, so ice packs are recommended if there are concerns about perishables. We are a NUT-FREE camp. Please see here for examples of Nut-Free snacks.

Sun Protection

Campers should arrive with sunscreen already applied and may want to bring a hat and additional sunscreen. Campers will be reminded to and have the opportunity to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day. Galileo will also have sunscreen available for campers.

LANYARD WITH Nametag (after first monday)

We will give your camper a lanyard & nametag on their first day of camp. Please send them back wearing it each day!


On water day (Thursday), please bring a labeled towel for your camper.


Campers’ belongings will stay with them throughout the day, and they’ll be bringing their projects home with them, so send them with their backpack to store their water bottle, lunch, and creations.


If your child requires an EpiPen, please label it with their name and bring it to camp on Monday morning. All of our staff members are trained on how to administer an EpiPen in the event of an emergency. You’re also welcome to call your Camp Director the week before camp to talk through any concerns or specific instructions you may have. Staff will carry EpiPens in the backpack designed for a camper’s group unless previously arranged with the parents.

Photo ID to Check-out

What To Leave At Home
  • Pets
  • Toys, games, cards, video games & other technology items
  • Personal valuables
  • Weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other banned substances.

Galileo cannot be responsible for any of the above items at camp.

Campers who ride bicycles or scooters to camp are responsible for locking and securing them on their own. Campers who bring cell phones to contact parents will be instructed to keep cell phones in backpacks and turned off for the entire day. If campers need repeated reminders to keep technology put away, they may be asked to leave their cell phone in the camp office until the end of day.

Health Policies

Health Policies

When Your Camper is Sick

Our goal is to prevent illness transmission at camp. If your camper is showing signs of illness, please remain home and notify your Camp Director of their absence. Galileo follows local Public Health Department guidelines regarding isolation and masking.

Other Camp Info

Other Camp Info

Behavior Policy

We may ask campers who require 1×1 supervision, disrupt the camp experience, or threaten the safety of themselves or others to leave camp. Behaviors meriting expulsion include, but are not limited to: a cause or threat of violence, putting themselves or others in danger, possession of a weapon, possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, drugs or illegal substance, robbery, damage to property, sexual assault, harassment, hazing, or intimidation. In those cases, we will contact a parent to pick up the child immediately. We do not issue refunds to campers who are asked to leave camp.

Safe materials usage at camp

Supernovas & Meteors

Supernova and Meteor campers use glue guns during some portions of camp. We believe using these materials is an important step for campers in developing their independence and ability to build more advanced creations in an age-appropriate manner.

While we review safe and responsible glue gun usage with campers before they use them, we also ask parents to speak with your camper(s) about using glue guns and to review the following safety procedures together at home.

  • Remember to hold the glue gun carefully and never touch the metal part or the hot glue
  • Dispense only small amounts of glue at a time (small dots work best!)
  • After using the glue gun, always return it to its designated space (not near the edge of a table, or where someone could accidentally touch it)
  • Wait 10 seconds before touching your glued project


Meteors use additional tools to create their projects, including tape measures, screw drivers, clamps, drills and hand saws. Please also review the following safety guidelines and procedures with your camper.

Respect the tools- When used properly, these tools can be used very safely. Be respectful of the tools and your fellow campers. Never use these tools outside of their designed purpose.

We Can't wait to see your family at camp!

Visit your camp location page for more site-specific information and contact details.

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