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THEME - Amusement Park Adventure |

Amusement Park Adventure


Put your unique spin on carnival rides and games as you build colorful candy concessions, circus wagons, fair games or robots. Art and engineering combine for a fun-filled Amusement Park Adventure.


Nebula (Pre-K and kINDERGARTEN)

Create colorful candy concessions and rollicking rides. Stock your snack stand with swirly cotton candy made from marbleized paper and clay-sculpted lollipops in two different hues. Build a smoothly spinning, inventively themed merry-go-round with seat belts designed to keep your riders safe. Find your balance outdoors in a group-hoop challenge where your team tries to achieve acrobatic poses without stepping out of its circus ring.

Star (1ST and 2nd GRADES)

Design rolling works of art and towering feats of engineering. Practice paper cutting and folding techniques to craft a brightly embellished circus wagon with decorative trim and symmetrical wheels. Investigate potential and kinetic energy as you build a rubber band-powered drop tower with carefully tested safety straps. Buckle up for outdoor fun, navigating your hula-hoop car through a twisting, turning, obstacle-filled roller coaster relay race.

Supernova (3rd and 4TH GRADES)

Put a new spin on carnival games and rides. Create your own fun-filled fair game, complete with a custom sign, painted background, mechanized launcher and eye-catching targets. Build a one-of-a-kind spinning attraction with seats that keep riders safe from centripetal force and LED lights that make it dazzle. Find more fun outside the big tent with a wacky game of tag where you perform a different amusing action for every item you get tagged with.


Kick your average amusement park game up a notch with a soccer-playing robot. Invent an original character, then bring it to life with sculpted-foam features and a custom jersey. Switch gears as you work on your robot’s electronics, building a remote-control transmitter, wiring the motor and adding attachments to give your creation new athletic abilities. Put your robot to the test in a series of mini challenges, from dribbling to ball stealing to goal scoring.

*Grades for each camper are based on the grade they will enter in fall 2022


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