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Supernovas | Galileo Camps

Innovator's Studio

Where they build creative confidence turning their ideas into individual, polished STEAM projects to take home every week (see project specifics below).

Idea Lab

Where they workshop their wildest ideas and collaborate on daily design challenges, from building bamboo towers to constructing cardboard cities.

Outdoor Adventure

Where they experience exciting outdoor games and traditional camp fun, from relay races and tag to lanyards and face painting.


Every week at camp is a new adventure. Supernovas can choose their favorites from six unique sets of Innovator’s Studio projects—or spend their summer creating them all!

Tilt-A-Whirls & More

Investigate centripetal force and optical illusions as you build a spinning attraction with seats that keep riders safe and illusions that appear as it spins. Outfit your ride with one-of-a-kind embellishments and LED lights to make it dazzle.

Mechanical Dinosaurs & More

Engineer a mighty theropod with a rolling base and carefully counterbalanced neck and tail. Customize your dino with a pneumatic jaw full of tailor-made teeth, jointed claws for grabbing and articulated legs for smooth moving.

Catapult Challenges & More:

Build a colossal catapult with a sturdy frame, hinged throwing arm, trajectory-tested bucket and custom projectiles. Collaborate with a partner to build castle walls strong enough to stand up to a coordinated catapult attack.

Carnival Games & More

Create your own fun-filled, fantastically creative carnival game. Craft the base of your table-top booth from wood and clay, then add a boldly lettered sign, colorfully painted background, mechanized launcher and eye-catching targets.

Dino Designers & More

Become a paleoartist as you design a 3D dinosaur exhibit. Start with a skeleton, using clues to imagine the dino it belonged to, then bring it to life with a paper-mache armature, sculpted-clay head and cut-foam appendages.

Stained Glass Paintings & More

Design a unique symbol, then transform it into a stained-glass masterpiece. Use what you learn about leading lines, focal points and layering and texturing glass paints to bring your design to life on a plexiglass pane


Galileo projects are awesome. But while campers are making their drop towers and dinosaur costumes, they’re also doing something more. They’re learning how to innovate.

Fueled by a process inspired by the Stanford, Galileo helps campers unlock the innovation skills they need to thrive—how to creatively solve problems, fearlessly try new things and persist in the face of challenges.

The products are cool. But the by-products—the newfound confidence, vision and grit you’ll start seeing in your kids after only a short time—is what makes Galileo so much more than your average summer camp.

About Galileo

"Of course summer camp should be fun—that’s a given. To have your child come home talking about how they were courageous or determined—that’s something special."

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