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Supernovas -


Innovator's Studio

Where they build creative confidence turning their ideas into individual, polished STEAM projects to take home every week (see project specifics below).

Idea Lab

Where they collaborate on daily design challenges, experiment with wild ideas and find out that sending their creations crashing down is all part of the fun—and learning!

Outdoor Adventure

Where they play exciting outdoor games, take on team-building challenges with an innovative twist and engage in traditional camp fun, from relay races and tag to lanyards and face painting.


Every week is a new hands-on adventure in our Innovator’s Studio. Kids can choose their favorites from six unique sets of projects—or spend their summer creating them all!

Mechanical Scene Makers

Master the art of machine making as you invent an original automaton. Build a cam, cam follower and cam shaft to power your device, then design a unique scene and colorful foam characters that come to life with the turn of a crank.

Pinball Whiz-Kids

Put your own twist on a classic arcade game. Learn about levers and fulcrums as you engineer flippers and a spring-powered launcher. Pick a custom theme, then create and decorate ramps, a backboard, bumpers, obstacles, lighting and more to make your game uniquely awesome!

Treehouse Architects

Get your building skills in tip-top shape as you create the treehouse of your dreams. Use woodcraft and hot-glue skills to engineer an elevated abode complete with a working pulley system and cool custom features like ladders, lookout towers, flower boxes or flags.

Dazzling Light Designers

Design a luminous accent lamp to brighten any room. Master woodcraft and papier-mache techniques as you construct a 3D frame and layer it with tissue paper to create a colorful shade. Add fairy lights to illuminate it and a strong, stylish stand to support it.

Animal Bot Builders

Let your imagination run wild with a robotic cardboard animal you design yourself. Customize your creature with 3D facial features and a textured stamped exterior. Engineer a pneumatic system and attach an offset motor to add elements that make your bot move, articulate or vibrate.

Secret Safecrackers

Lock down your valuables with a safe of your own design. Learn the ins and outs of dial and air-powered lock mechanisms as you decide how to fortify your invention. Decorate—or camouflage!—your super-secure safe and add lights to make the treasure inside sparkle.


Galileo projects are awesome. But while campers are making their pinball machines and animal bots, they’re also doing something more—they’re learning how to innovate. Fueled by a process inspired by the Stanford, Galileo helps campers learn essential innovation skills, like how to creatively solve problems, fearlessly try new things and persist in the face of challenges.


The products are cool. But the byproducts—the newfound confidence, vision and grit you’ll start seeing in your kids after only a short time—are what make Galileo so much more than your average summer camp.

About Galileo

"Of course summer camp should be fun—that’s a given. To have your child come home talking about how they were courageous or determined—that’s something special."

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