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Counselor in Training | Galileo Camps


For rising 8th to 10th graders, our Counselor in Training program is an opportunity to spend the summer mentoring younger campers, building new skills and making new friends. The program is abridge between our K to 8th grade camps and our 16+ summer internships, offering a perfect transition from camper to leader in Camp Galileo style.

Why Be a CIT?

Make friends and lifelong memories with fellow CITs. Mentor campers as they design and build incredible projects. Help to create the magic, putting your own spin on ceremonies, games, materials and more Become a better leader by building skills like communication and organization. Prepare for future jobs, gaining experience and confidence through a range of roles. Have unforgettable FUN at the best summer camp around.

On a typical day, Counselors In Training move through three rotations, guided by a dedicated CIT leader.

Rotation 1: Play team building games with your CIT team and spend dedicated time learning leaderships skills like goal setting, giving and receiving feedback and building a growth mindset.

Rotation 2: Travel your Mentor Journey in the classroom, practicing camper-management skills as you help create art and engineering projects with kids from the age group of your choice

Rotation 3: Go behind the scenes for an Operations Journey, making your mark on one of the elements that make camp amazing: games, ceremonies, back-office business or artistic flair.

Of course, all CITs also participate in all-camp ceremonies, team time and meal breaks.


No two Counselors In Training are exactly alike, and neither are their experiences because every CIT designs the experience that appeals most to them. By choosing one Mentor Journey and one Operations Journey on the first day of the camp week, CITs create a mix of engaging, hands-on leadership that's entirely their own. Enroll in multiple weeks of camp for a new adventure every time.

Operations Journeys

Keep camp running smoothly by putting your own spin on games, events, logistics and materials:

Outdoor Assistants: Head to the great outdoors to hone your group management skills and plan events like water day and all-camp games

Production Designers: Take the stage as you participate and perform in silly camp skits and songs, plus help put on opening and closing ceremonies

Operations Specialists: Pair up with camp leaders and summer interns to keep things rolling, setting up for water day, extended care, swag distribution and more

Artistic Directors: Make camp magical with inventive touches from classroom decorations to skit costumes to fun machine flair


Although pricing varies by location, each CIT week costs $150 LESS than a K to 8th grade week at your local Camp Galileo.

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