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Three Daily Destinations

In addition to participating in camp games, ceremonies, skits and songs, rising 2nd–3rd graders visit three engaging destinations every day, each tailored to their age and designed to unlock the innovation skills they need to thrive.

Innovator's Studio

Where they build creative confidence turning their ideas into individual, polished STEAM projects to take home every week (see project specifics below).

Idea Lab

Where they collaborate on daily design challenges, experiment with wild ideas and find out that sending their creations crashing down is all part of the fun—and learning!

Outdoor Adventure

Where they play exciting outdoor games, take on team-building challenges with an innovative twist and engage in traditional camp fun, from relay races and tag to lanyards and face painting.


Every week is a new hands-on adventure in our Innovator’s Studio. Kids can choose their favorites from six unique sets of projects—or spend their summer creating them all!

Inventor's Garage

Transform your inventive ideas into fun, functional reality. Wire up a working vacuum (or blower!), complete with mounted motor and custom handle. Learn construction techniques to craft a super sturdy, uniquely personalized chair strong enough to sit in.

Tropical Rainforest Trek

Explore the wonders of the Amazon rainforest. Design a vibrant symmetrical print to transform into the flapping wings of a tropical bird. Master color and tint mixing to create a leafy scene, then engineer a linkage system to make a curious creature pop out of your forest’s foliage.

Outer Space Odyssey

Discover the secrets of the final frontier! Make an aerodynamic, air-powered PLOP rocket and an array of watercolor moon targets to launch it at. Fashion foam shapes into an out-of-this-world alien puppet and pick up intriguing space specimens with your own spring-loaded grabber.

Toymaker's Workshop

Come out to play for a week of fun and games! Investigate circuitry as you wire up your own spectacular spin art machine. Make a cool swinging-creature toy powered by magnets. Construct a super-strong archery bow to pair with a playful set of arrows and custom targets.

Castles & Kingdoms

Embark on a legendary journey to a land of kings, queens and quests. Construct your own castle with strong walls, a working drawbridge and an array of royal buildings. Dream up a kingdom to reign, then create a colorfully decorated crown or festive headpiece to represent it.

Dinosaur Park

Go prehistoric with fiercely fun projects! Use foam etching and 3D construction to create a colorful dino mask with head crests or horns. Engineer a theropod claw that uses pulleys to grab and grip. Design a rolling dinosaur with a hinged jaw designed to devour.

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Galileo projects are awesome. But while campers are making their arrows and alien puppets, they’re also doing something more—they’re learning how to innovate. Fueled by a process inspired by the Stanford, Galileo helps campers learn essential innovation skills, like how to creatively solve problems, fearlessly try new things and persist in the face of challenges.

The products are cool. But the byproducts—the newfound confidence, vision and grit you’ll start seeing in your kids after only a short time—are what make Galileo so much more than your average summer camp.

About Galileo

"Of course summer camp should be fun—that’s a given. To have your child come home talking about how they were courageous or determined—that’s something special."

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