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Stars | Galileo Camps

Three Daily Destinations

In addition to participating in camp games, ceremonies, skits and songs, Stars visit three innovation-igniting destinations every day:

Innovator's Studio

Where they build creative confidence turning their ideas into individual, polished STEAM projects to take home every week (see project specifics below).

Idea Lab

Where they workshop their wildest ideas and collaborate on daily design challenges, from building bamboo towers to constructing cardboard cities.

Outdoor Adventure

Where they experience exciting outdoor games and traditional camp fun, from relay races and tag to lanyards and face painting.


Every week at camp is a new adventure. Stars can choose their favorites from six unique sets of Innovator’s Studio projects—or spend their summer creating them all!

Theme Park Rides & More

Investigate potential and kinetic energy as you build a rubber band-powered drop tower with carefully tested safety straps. Round out your park’s rides with a resilient Lego bumper car and a well-aligned, sturdily stabilized roller coaster.

Dino Excavation & More

Collaborate to create a dig site with weight bearing cave supports, a sturdy fossil lift and a cleverly constructed paper cart to carry fossils over rough terrain. Design your own protective caving headlamp to illuminate your discoveries.

Castles, Catapults & More

Construct a reinforced castle with sturdy walls, keeps and drawbridges, built to withstand a beating from a battering ram. Engineer a smooth-rolling wheeled catapult calibrated to accurately launch a grappling hook over the castle wall.

Traveling Circus & More

Practice paper cutting and folding techniques to craft a bright circus wagon with decorative trim and symmetrical wheels. Dream up a creatively costumed acrobat complete with high-flying trapeze to perform fantastic feats in your show.

Dinosaur Disguises & More

Disguise yourself as a dino from tip to toe, using etching and masking techniques to create colorfully painted, realistically textured head crests and feet. Think big to craft a visionary mask and a printed tail with unique defense structures.

Royal Celebration & More

Design a stamp etched with your personal coat of arms, then use it to print a fabric surcoat fit for a knight. Accent your stately attire with a brightly painted, boldly patterned shield and a fabulously decorated, feast-ready chalice.


Galileo projects are awesome. But while campers are making their drop towers and dinosaur costumes, they’re also doing something more. They’re learning how to innovate. Fueled by a process inspired by the Stanford, Galileo helps campers unlock the innovation skills they need to thrive—how to creatively solve problems, fearlessly try new things and persist in the face of challenges.

The products are cool. But the by-products—the newfound confidence, vision and grit you’ll start seeing in your kids after only a short time—is what makes Galileo so much more than your average summer camp.

About Galileo

"Of course summer camp should be fun—that’s a given. To have your child come home talking about how they were courageous or determined—that’s something special."

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