Camp Galileo Age Groups

Camp Galileo has been serving happy campers since 2001. And, over time, we’ve fine tuned the projects, games and camp experience to meet campers exactly where they are academically, socially and developmentally.

Aged-Up Fun

Stanford researchers have found that when children “grow up Galileo” by returning to camp year-after-year, the fun and the benefits multiply as they build long-lasting relationships with camp staff and strengthen their abilities to make their visions reality.


Camp Galileo serves K to rising 10th grade children in five age groups:*

STARS: Rising 1st and 2nd grade

SUPERNOVAS:  Rising 3rd and 4th grade

METEORS: Rising 5th and 6th grade

Counselors in Training: Rising 7th-10th grade




Rising K – 2ND graders


Stars have a stellar time immersing themselves in camp culture and diving into multi-day projects that perfectly match their natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.


Video taken pre-pandemic. Masking will be requited for all indoor activity at all 2022 camps.

Star facts:

  • Enjoy a 12 to 1 camper to staff ratio
  • Explore big ideas like basic circuits, pneumatics or simple machines
  • Campers level up their design and building skills
  • Stay determined to troubleshoot challenges and reach their goals
  • Establish and pursue a shared vision with new friends
  • Strengthen their Innovator’s Mindset and notice how it positively impacts their work
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Rising 3rd & 4th graders


Supernovas are ready to take on week-long art and science challenges and have a blast transforming their unique (& sometimes quirky) visions into amazing, functioning projects.


Video taken pre-pandemic. Masking will be requited for all indoor activity at all 2022 camps.

supernova facts:

  • Enjoy a 12 to 1 camper to staff ratio
  • Learn to independently use sophisticated “making” tools like lino cutters, hot glue guns, heat guns and cardboard cutters
  • Practice brainstorming strategies to generate lots of ideas to customize their projects
  • Thrive given the perfect mix of freedom and responsibility accomplish their goals
  • Conquer outdoor team-challenges by strategizing and collaborating with new friends
  • Recognize their own Innovator’s Mindset and Process superpowers and identify ways to use them beyond camp
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Rising 5th – 8th graders


Meteors age group meets tween campers where they are with super-cool thematic projects and an awesome, aged-up camp vibe. At all sites for 2022.


Video taken pre-pandemic. Masking and social distancing are required at all 2022 camps.

Meteor Facts:

  • Enjoy a 12 to 1 camper to staff ratio
  • Spend the day building one epic project that sharpens their design AND engineering capabilities
  • Learn to use advanced materials and tools—Wood, PVC, power tools & more
  • Find their own fun during daily “club time” with a choice of exciting outdoor activities and delicious DIY snacks*
    *Campers will make yummy treats like granola bars, unicorn bark, fudge and gummy candies. All items are nut free and dairy- and gluten-free recipes options are provided if needed. If campers cannot eat the snack of the day they can also choose from staples like raisins, pretzels, jellybeans and dried cranberries.
  • Chill with new friends and an inspiring multi-subject instructor in a Meteors-only space
  • Dive deep into the Galileo Innovation Approach to bring their innovations to life
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Counselors in Training

Rising 8th – 10th graders


CITs spend an unforgettable summer taking charge and taking on new challenges, including mentoring younger campers, pitching in with camp operations and building leadership skills.

CIT Facts:

  • Build camaraderie and practice collaboration as you get to know your fellow CITs
  • Learn essential leadership skills, including goal setting, conflict resolution and camper management
  • Work alongside Galileo staffers to teach younger campers new things, help them with projects and lead them in games
  • Pick an aspect of camp operations—events, materials, logistics—to put your personal stamp on
  • Gain independence, confidence and experience in a range of different roles
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