Summer is officially here! After a year that’s felt very long, many families are excited to get their children out and about. Heather Flett of 510Families is here with some 2021 Bay Area summer camp suggestions to help get kids outdoors and off-screen.

This segment originally aired on CBSN Bay Area.

#1: Camp Galileo 

Camp Galileo has operated summer camps in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2002. Camp Galileo’s focus is on inspiring creativity and problem-solving in campers. With a ton of fun traditions, immersive projects, and the most energetic staff you’ve ever seen, this camp is a great example of “educational-but-they-don’t-know-it.”

Each camp week is organized around a central theme. This summer, campers can explore Galileo Olympic Games, National Parks Adventure, and Toy Makers Workshop.

Camp Galileo has locations all across the Bay Area, from Marin to San Francisco, Peninsula to South Bay, and all throughout the East Bay.

#2: Legarza Sports

For kids who love sports—and even those who don’t—Legarza is a great summer option. With a multi-sport offering as well as more specific routes in volleyball, basketball, and more, Legarza is fantastic for getting kids active and teaching teamwork.

Legarza’s Bay Area summer camps are located in Marin, San Francisco, the Peninsula, and the South Bay.

#3: Jeffunira Camp

If you heard the name of this camp and believed it was spelled “Jeff and Ira,” you’d be forgiven. Jefunira Camp was founded by two friends, named—wait for it—Jeff and Ira.

Jefunira offers a traditional day camp experience that’s a little less structured. Expect summer fun, lots of outdoor play, tons of camp silliness, and plenty of classic camp games.

Jefunira Camp is located in Palo Alto, CA.

#4: Avid4 Adventure

Avid ups the notch on adventure sports. Their summer camps get kids paddling, kayaking, mountain biking, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and more. Avid’s instructors are skilled at meeting kids where they are emotionally in the pursuit of helping them succeed and build confidence.

Avid4 Adventure’s Bay Area summer camps are located in Burlingame, Mill Valley, Oakland, Orinda, and Palo Alto.

Kids will walk in the steps of innovators who came before them and leave camp with the knowledge that they, too, can impact change.

Need a summer program for your child? Our camp locations span from our standout Palo Alto summer camp in the San Francisco Bay Area to Southern California, Chicagoland, Seattle and Denver. Galileo’s exciting and fun camp experience equips kids for the future with resilience, teamwork and innovation skills. Ready to dive in? Enroll now or join our mailing list for updates. Your adventure starts here!