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Best Educational Summer & Year Round Camps for Kids | Galileo Learning
Every morning, our son literally jumps out of bed excited for camp. He loves the projects, the songs, the games, the friends and the staff, and can't wait to get there!
-Erica, Star Camp Parent

Our Locations

Camp Galileo has over 50 summer camp locations across Northern and Southern California, Chicago, Seattle, and Denver all focused on inspiring children to envision and create a better world! Scroll around our camps map to find one near you or view all camps.

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Camp Galileo grows along with kids, delivering just the right mix of challenge and fun from kindergarten all the way through 10th grade.

We Believe in a Bright Future

We believe in a future created by kids who believe their ideas matter and know how to turn them into reality. A future where innovators can inspire meaningful change in their world, in ways big and small. Because the future isn’t fixed—it’s ours to make.

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We Believe in Innovation

Galileo camps combine imagination, STEAM exploration and play to ignite the innovator in every kid. Grounded in the legendary Galileo Innovation Approach, or GIA, our hands-on activities cultivate essential skills—including collaboration, perseverance and creative confidence—that last a lifetime.

Explore the GIA

We Believe in Friendship

Led by our extraordinary staff of educators, college students, artists and even former campers, Galileo campers create and play in a safe, inclusive environment where teamwork is paramount and making new friends is easy.

See our Stance on Inclusivity

We Believe in Fun

Every week at Camp Galileo is a unique adventure filled with stories, projects and surprises designed for maximum engagement and giggles. From fun machines and rubber chicken cheers to water days and classic camp games, it's summer camp fun at its most unforgettable.


“Galileo filled my son’s bucket with all his favorite things: outdoor time, creative and engineering explorations and fun with friends.”

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