Last month, we challenged our community to a creativity contest to celebrate our 2022 summer camp themes: Castles and Quests, Amusement Park Adventure and Dinosaur Dig. We asked participants to print their favorite theme, transform it into a one-of-a-kind work of art and enter for their chance to win.

We were BLOWN AWAY by the creativity displayed in over 100 entries to the contest! Here at Galileo HQ, imagination is in our DNA, and it was amazing to see it shine through in every single entry. Our judges had a hard time picking the winners, but without further ado, scroll down to see the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the Great Galileo Creativity Challenge!



1st place winners

  • Dinosaur Dig: Tana Monterrubi took a unique approach with the materials they used for their design: “I painted with plants and food. The heart in dino chest is me, helping with a cucaracha. We discover a human bones with a cellphone, that reminds us how world was in 2000 and so on… Dino has both, feathers and scales, you never know when to need those. He lives in Sonora desert.”
  • Castles and Quests: Noor Ahammad wowed us with their 3D design: “I designed a 3D castle that has been told of in haunted stories. There are dinosaurs like monsters swimming in the moat. These monsters are friends with the princess and king who live there but they scare everyone else away.”
  • Amusement Park Adventure: Patrick Allen created an epic interactive design: “I made a 3D carousel. It is made out of card board, paper, and wooden sticks. It moves and goes around and around, just like a carousel at an amusement park. I cut out the paper horses from the coloring page, colored them, and glued them onto the carousel.”

2nd place winners

  • Dinosaur Dig: Evan Hom, Marcus Chew and Garrett Takamoto
  • Castles and Quests: Maksim Kovshilovsky, Kira White and Quinn Haley
  • Amusement Park Adventure: Atlas Nguyen-Hatami, Noah Mish and Mia Min

3rd Place Winners

  • Dinosaur Dig: Joshua Kovshilovsky, Everett Crook, Jacob Plotzker, Makenzie Ferriolo and Marlon Gradziel
  • Castles and Quests:  Keira Takamoto, Norah Hartman, Claire Feldbusch, Aara Nguyen-Hatami and Gwyneth Duncan
  • Amusement Park Adventure: Ria Chavda, Quinton Liu, Claire Fisher, Sophia Bawani and Isaac Loong

Thank you all for submitting your amazing creations! Click here to see all of the submissions. And look out for early bird enrollment for our 2022 summer camps, starting January 12, 2022.