Welcome to summer camp 2020!

Innovation is the driving force behind Denver’s newest summer day camp, Innovation Station powered by Camp Galileo. In the strangest summer on record, campers in northeast Denver are still learning all about the innovation design process and experiencing traditional camp fun and joy with a phenomenal staff, all while adhering to public health protocols and social distancing guidelines.

With projects from Camp Galileo Anywhere, curriculum from past Galileo summers, and some all-new developments, campers have been embracing the Innovator’s Mindset and learning how to be visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined and reflective.

Last week, campers jumped into the animal kingdom, creating a hungry octopus that can gobble its prey and a grasshopper that could jump both forward and sideways. This week, campers are learning all about the wonders of the natural world and will culminate the week by constructing their own miniature treehouse or fairy garden. There’s tons more adventure in store for future weeks, when campers will design and build their own musical instruments, bows and arrows, crash test cars, and solar ovens!

In addition to the projects, campers take part in more traditional camp activities like building a team identity with songs and flags and lots of outdoor games and playtime. Campers also weed, plant, and harvest a pizza garden. And of course, there’s every Galileo camper’s favorite—Water Day!

Innovation Station is very fortunate to have the Director of Diversity, Equity and Recruitment for nine different local Denver schools on staff. Starting in July, she will be hosting a set of age-appropriate conversations on race and racism at camp that we hope will help to build a sense of urgency and give campers tools and language to truly change their world.

We are off to an amazing start with our Denver summer camps, and we look forward to a summer filled with innovation and joy!

Want to know more about how we’re keeping Innovation Station campers safe this summer? Check out some frequently asked questions.