Between silly camp traditions, awesome counselors, and activities so fun kids might not even notice they’re learning, there’s lots of good to go around. Here are the top five reasons why Camp Galileo is the can’t-miss event of the summer.


Our world needs solution-oriented innovators like never before. We also believe that kids who learn to explore and fail with courage—the essence of innovation—are happier, more creative and more confident when faced with life’s challenges.


We invest, test and iterate to create a living camp design that never stops improving. All programming is infused with our proprietary pedagogy, the Galileo Innovation Approach. Our age-appropriate themes are bursting with creative possibilities and game-changing life lessons.


The heart of Galileo beats inside our passionate people who nurture and inspire campers every day. We seek out the best of the best through our meticulous screening process, and couldn’t be prouder of our talented, professional staff, so many of whom return each and every year.


Yes, we aim to change the world, but this is also summer camp; we create fun, we embrace fun, we learn through fun. In all honesty, sometimes things can get downright goofy. Our camp mascot is a rubber chicken, after all.


As we welcome campers and staff back to camp in 2021, safety is our top priority. Our comprehensive health and safety plan is designed to protect every member of the Galileo community in an on-site environment that minimizes risk and maximizes fun.

Camp Galileo is transformative learning that lasts a lifetime, wrapped up in the best summer ever. What are you waiting for? Enroll your camper today!

Camp Galileo has California summer camps in Irvine all the way to San Francisco, making it easy to  find the location closest to you! Be sure to check out our Seattle summer camps, Chicagoland summer camps, and Denver summer camps as well!