At Galileo, we start counting down the days to summer in September. Planning for summer may be our thing, but we get that it doesn’t light everyone up in the same way.

Choosing the right summer camp can be a real challenge under any circumstances. Finding a program that will be both fun and enriching for your child, and works with your family’s schedule, and lines up with their bestie’s tastes to boot? The mind reels.

For many families, this year brings an added layer of complexity to the summer planning puzzle. So when you find a good summer fit, sometimes more is more.

Here are four reasons to consider attending the same summer program for multiple weeks.

#1: Consistency

Kids are creatures of habit. While they crave new experiences, children draw comfort from routine and benefit from understanding what’s coming next.

The past year has been tough on many kids’ senses of stability. Sticking with one or two camp programs in the summer months can reduce weekly program-hopping stress while helping kids to build strong connections with consistent staff members and program elements over time.

#2: Convenience

One camp commute route to remember. One set of drop-off and pick-up instructions. One phone number to call if you have camp questions. One account to check for your summer details.

If this sounds too good to be true, think again. Choosing just a couple of camp programs can cut back dramatically on the number of things adults need to keep track of.

#3: Cost Savings

Many summer camps and programs offer discounts to campers who attend for multiple weeks in the same summer. Combined with seasonal promotions, caregivers can save a pretty penny.

For example, at Camp Galileo, families save $50 off every week their camper attends after the first.

#4: Completionism

Sometimes a spread is so good that you can’t choose just one.

Tailored by age group and designed for optimal innovation, each of the three whimsical weeklong themes at Camp Galileo features engaging hands-on projects, irresistible outdoor games and an immersive environment crafted to capture the imagination.

Galileo Olympic Games

Get fired up to create mixed-media torches or glittering medals to light up the games. Master the mechanics of athletes and their equipment by designing high-flying archery bows, judo robots or a go-kart you can race in (a Galileo Olympic event only). Celebrate the Olympic spirit with a range of winning outdoor games.

National Parks Adventure

Collage the colors of the Grand Canyon or craft a winged puppet depicting Olympic National Park’s northern spotted owl. Gear up for your next adventure with custom-fit backpacks or wooden camp chairs you design yourself. Blaze a trail for fun with games in the great outdoors.

Toy Makers Workshop

Take your creative ideas out to play, redesigning classic toys like model cars, ribbon wands or water blasters. Wire an electric spin-art spinner or go full tilt engineering an original pinball machine. Head outdoors for team challenges that are all fun and games.

When searching for the perfect summer camp for your child it’s important to find a program that not only aligns with your child’s interests but also offers the flexibility to attend for multiple weeks, providing them with continuous fun, enrichment, and the opportunity to build lasting connections. Be sure to check out our Fremont summer camps, Oakland summer camps, Carlsbad summer camps, summer camps in Seattle, Pasadena summer camps, Cupertino summer camps, and more!