At Galileo, we strive to create a summer experience that makes a profound, positive impact on kids. We also know that feedback is essential; it’s how we know what is and isn’t working in a design. That’s why we ask every single family how their week at camp went. Here’s what last summer’s families had to share:

Fun and Inspiring

We’re on a mission to change the world, and we aim to do it with laughter. It’s summer camp after all, and we want to make each summer a fun and memorable experience for all campers.



“My boys love STEM and getting to create hands on. They were totally jazzed when I picked them up every day.”
(Camp Galileo Parent: Melissa C. from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)


We also want our campers to feel confident and inspired, so when parents tell us that their kids came home saying ‘I am an innovator!’ and it made their day, well… it makes our day too!

It’s also encouraging to hear that our programs have opened up the doors of curiosity and inspired kids to get hands-on and create, while nurturing skills that will carry into the real world. It’s one of the most empowering things Galileo campers learn.



“My kids come home and immediately go off to their rooms happily tinkering and building – they don’t even think to ask for TV or iPads.”

(Camp Galileo Parent from Alamo, CA)


Outstanding Programs

Our action-packed summer programs are a big part of what makes us a summer staple for many families. Kids arrive at the start of camp, ready to build their knowledge and take on new skills. We develop their confidence, impart practical skills, teach them to design and collaborate, and ultimately to think for themselves.



“My daughter loved the projects she did at Camp Galileo and as a design educator I was really impressed with how layered they were.”
(Susie Wise, Ph.D., Founder and Former Director, K12 Lab, Stanford


“Our kids have been going to Galileo since kindergarten, so for us, summer means Galileo. We know that it’s always going to be a high-quality program with a well thought-out curriculum, experienced staff, and lots of enthusiasm.”
(Galileo Summer Quest Parent: Leslie H. from Hillsborough, CA)


Excellent Staff

We take great pride in the amazing folks who make up our summer staff. From nurturing the innovator in every camper to running first-rate camp operations, our staff teams bring their A-game every day. Families have described our staff as “exceptional” and having “lots of in-field experience” and “trustworthy expertise.” Other parents consider our staff to be very “approachable” and full of “good advice.”


“What sets Galileo apart from the rest is the incredible staff, and how the camp program encourages my son to believe he is creative, he is smart and he can make a difference. It is something that I’ve been trying to make him realize, but could never do it like Galileo does.”
(Camp Galileo Parent: Ashley E. from Newport Beach, CA)


Stretching Campers to Learn New Things

Amongst all the fun, campers are learning new things everyday. Everything about the camp day is designed to stretch a camper to learn something new, from fascinating skills and concepts to perspective-shifting mindsets.


“My supernova is able to explain the science concepts and the materials, and is extremely proud of her accomplishments.”
(Camp Galileo Parent: Laura Y. from Los Altos, CA)

We’ve been told how our camp has had an ‘almost immediate impact on behavior’, and imparted valuable lessons to help kids ‘challenge themselves more’.

“In my job I see how important it is to be able to generate ideas and work past failure to get to a better outcome. As a Galileo parent, I saw my child doing just that.”
(Suzanne Pellican, Director of Design, Google)

“My most favorite message is teaching ‘Failure without Fear’ and how in the class they write things on a list called, ‘Marvelous Mistakes’ so others can learn from them. I really appreciate how they celebrate each child’s individuality and encourage everyone to be different (IT’S SO REFRESHING!).”
(Camp Galileo Parent: Shelly F. from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)


At the end of the day, we aim to change lives for the better. Many parents have seen positive changes in their kids too!

“My son learned life skills and made friends along the way. He also showed maturity when a problem arose and chose to handle it instead of sweep it under the rug.”
(Galileo Summer Quest Parent: Jennifer T. from San Jose, CA)

“My son is constantly trying to think of better ways to do things. We can’t thank you enough.”
(Camp Galileo Parent: Julie H. from Los Angeles, CA)

Room to Improve

We don’t just teach the Innovator’s Process to campers; we live it ourselves. That includes evaluating not just what’s working in our design, but what isn’t—and then redesigning to make the camp experience even better.


We got plenty of constructive feedback last summer, and we’re already hard at work incorporating it to create the best summer yet. One example: after a brief hiatus, water day is back by popular demand. Campers can once again plan to run, jump, and splash around with friends.

The triumphant return of this beloved camp tradition is the direct result of feedback from our families. If you have ideas or suggestions you’d like to share, please let us know.

We couldn’t be more excited for the summer to come. If you’re in the same boat, click the button below to find a camp near you. ????