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Camp Galileo 2021: Reflections on the Summer

Dear Galileo families, As we pack up the last of our paintbrushes and pinball projects and return our rubber chickens to the roost, I want to thank you for being part of the Galileo community this camp season. As I... Read more

Meet a Galileo Online Instructor

If you’ve ever been to Camp Galileo, you know that our staff members are pretty special. From near-inhuman levels of pep at morning check-in; to exceptional instruction in the classroom; to an uncanny knack for engaging all team members in... Read more

The Power of Practice

Did you ever learn to play an instrument, speak a second language, or play a new sport? Chances are that the early days of these forays into new skills were riddled with incorrect notes, chaotic conjugation, field goal misfires, and... Read more