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Solidarity in Action

At Galileo, we teach innovation, and we know that innovation is not just about inventing the coolest new tech gadget. In fact, our organization’s name invokes the rebellious spirit of a great thinker who faced house arrest as a result... Read more

Parenting with Levity: How to Gamify Empathy Lessons

This blog post is adapted from a presentation by Sarah McDonald, Galileo’s VP of Southern California Operations. You can watch the full video here or check out the related posts for more on raising empathetic kids. — I have a... Read more

3 Things to Look For in an Online Summer Camp

Choosing a great camp for your kids can be a puzzle in normal times. Add to that a summer unlike any other and an ever-growing list of online options—the mind reels. If you’ve never tried an online camp before, you’re... Read more

A Parent’s Guide to Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a hierarchy of critical thinking skills that figures prominently in all levels of education and in educational reform. While well-known to educators, school administrators and academics, the taxonomy is less familiar to many who work in other... Read more