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What Comes Next: Camp Galileo in Summer 2021

Dear Galileo community, It is our presidential inauguration week, providing a long-needed change in the leadership of our country. This change seems emblematic of the many hopes we all share as we arrive at the one year mark since COVID-19... Read more

Random Acts of Kindness Kids Can Perform Today

Do you know a kid looking for a way to give back to their community or the people in their life? These random acts of kindness are great ways for kids to envision and create a better world, either independently... Read more

Gift Ideas for Kids That Engage Growing Minds

Gift Ideas for Kids That Engage Growing Minds

Choosing gifts for kids—people who are growing and changing practically every minute—can be a challenge. And that super-cool toy they loved unwrapping yesterday might end up gathering dust tomorrow. So instead, why not give your kids gifts that allow them to do something new, create something special or expand their world a little? Here are a few suggestions for gifts that will keep growing along with them.