This blog post was created in collaboration with our friends at Fit Kids, a non-profit that delivers structured fitness programs for underserved youth.

It’s no secret that the body and the mind are inextricably linked. Each supports the wellness of the other, and both depend on each other to function at high levels. If you’ve ever given someone advice to get a good night’s sleep before a big test or gone for a brisk walk to find focus when you’re hitting a mental wall, you’re already familiar with the mind-body wellness relationship.

Under any circumstances, physical fitness is critical to overall wellness. In a time when shelter-in-place and safer at home orders have turned routines upside down and slashed access to many exercise spaces, many are finding creative ways to infuse their days with movement and mindfulness.

Enter Fit Kids. Through a series of home workout videos originally used to instruct coaches at schools and community centers on teaching exercises, kids and their caregivers can practice movement and mindfulness at home. Use a pre-designed workout card to follow along with the videos for the movements on each card, mix and match exercises to create your own routine, or simply add some movement into the mix for a quick brain break.


Try one or more of these movements to kick off your at-home exercise or physical education. Aternatively, use one to break up the day, transition to the next activity, or burn off some excess energy.

See more warm-up videos here.

Fitness Movements

These movements are designed to get blood and oxygen flowing, increase cardio-vascular capacity, improve coordination and balance, and build strong muscles. Regular exercise can also help release endorphins and other neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, the brain chemicals that help regulate your mood.

See more fitness movement videos here.


A physical activity consisting of postures and flowing movement, yoga is gaining popularity in physical education curricula and after-school programming. This non-competitive exercise is a great way for kids to grow in their flexibility, balance, coordination, and concentration.

See more yoga videos here.


The physical and mental health benefits of practicing mindfulness have been well-researched with adults. Preliminary research suggests that it positively impacts the minds and bodies of kids as well, contributing to reductions in stress levels and improvements to attention, behavior, and memory.

The Fit Kids Home Workouts are available for free to all Galileo families.