Earlier this week, Galileo Learning emerged from the Chapter 11 reorganization process.

Customers who recently selected credit or coupons have received an email from us regarding their balance and discount codes. For those that selected the refund option, a third-party administrator named Atticus will be in touch.

Having emerged from Chapter 11, we can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best. We have already begun 2021 summer camp enrollment in more than 30 towns, with many more expected as schools solidify their summer plans. We have revamped our model to meet COVID safety standards, and we are highly confident in our ability to operate this year regardless of vaccination progress. We’ve also updated and clarified our transfer and cancellation policies so you can feel safe making decisions now.

As our program leaders and staff return to camp, we hope you join us in recreating a robust summer camp community for you and your friends. We believe that Camp Galileo and summer camps generally will provide many moments of joy and relief this summer that get kids out of the house and into environments that meet their social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

We can’t wait to bring kids back together to rediscover the magic of summer camp.