Testimonials Galileo Camps

What our campers say about us…

Galileo Camps are well-loved by our attendees.   Here are some examples of campers singing the praises of the camps and Galileo employees.

Testimonials about our staff

“The staff, the camp leaders, the interns, etc; are all wonderful.  The enthusiasm from check-in all the way to check-out by everyone, all day, everyday, is very motivating.  Aside from the educational content (which was very strong and productive) the bond that my son built with the camp leaders, was amazing to see and experience.  Thank you for a wonderful first summer camp experience!”- Manu Bedi

“It is obvious that the staff at Galileo love what they do! They are energetic, enthusiastic and really engage with the kids.” – Beth

“Wow!  I have never experienced such sophisticated, well trained, happy camp staff.  The moment the kids arrive to the moment they leave the staff give positive reinforcement to the kids: “I like how you helped your sister out of the car!” or “I like that you’re supporting their ideas!” My son said it’s the only place he’s ever felt appreciated for him and his uniqueness.  Wow, if only school were like this!”- Jen Hute

“Galileo is a very well-run camp and my child has always been pleased with her experience there. The staff are very attentive and enthusiastic and they manage to engage the children, educate, and ensure everyone is safe and has fun. We look forward to returning next summer”- Karen Patou

“The Camp Galileo staff exudes contagious enthusiasm and fun!” – Elizabeth Sparks

“Camp G features the most enthusiastic, experienced and engaged counselors in the Bay Area. Their sole goal is to ensure that kids have a positive, fascinating and FUN time at camp.” – Grace Limaye

“The counselors were positive, enthusiastic and high energy all week long, they created an excellent experience for my kids.” – Katie Terry

Camp Galileo Testimonials

“My kid is thriving and full of very interesting questions he came up with after the many interesting projects he worked at Camp Galileo. I love the way he now dares to do new things and tries to find new ways of doing other things he already knew. I strongly recommend Camp Galileo to any parent who wants their kids to have an amazing summer time.” – Eva Chapa

“Camp Galileo is a well-organized day camp and the quality of leadership and curriculum really shows.  From beginning to end the attention to detail shows and I feel like my child is really cared for. Most importantly, she is excited to talk about all that she learned. The fact that she is engaged is evident.” – Adrienne

“Camp Galileo was really fun for my kids, it was creative, engaging, it gave them confidence and they were excited to go every morning!”  –  Yolanda Hiller

“Incredible camp, amazing and enthusiastic staff…such a joy for my child to attend! Thank you!” –  Sarah Burke

“In Danville, this is the best camp around. On a 1-10 scale, Galileo is a 15.” –  Erin Lee

“If you are looking for an innovative and creative camp experience look no more!  This camp sparks young minds to problem solve through team collaboration and encourages them to think outside the box so they can build master pieces with imagination and creativity! Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your little Galileo to shine!” – Sonya

“It was great hearing my 6 and 8 year old kids discussing the various and best ways to engineer a catapult on the way home from camp.  Thank you for engaging my children’s imaginations and minds, while also running an amazingly well organized and fun camp!”  -Rachel Ruffalo

“We signed my daughter up for two weeks but she ended up staying for a total of four weeks because she loved it so much.  I think Galileo is unlike any camp she’s ever attended, and I have never seen her so engaged.” – J.L.

Galileo Summer Quest Testimonials

“Galileo Summer Quest is the best summer camp program my son has attended.  The philosophy of the program keeps the kids learning and growing during the summer break from school — and creates a foundation of innovation into their adulthood.  And it is accomplished because this program and the staff promote this concept in every subject and with every camper.  This starts with the fantastic and wonderful camp director, Olivia, all the way to the summer interns.  What a blessing to have this program in our county.”- Gail Tustin

“Galileo Summer Quest has provided excellent experiences for my kids. The counselors are extremely enthusiastic and supportive. My kids love GSQ!” -Promila Rastogi

“My daughter thrives at GSQ. It is the only place where I’ve seen her feel completely comfortable being herself. I attribute that to the amazing staff. She loves the focus of week-long majors, of having something to show for all that she’s worked on and learned during the week at the end during the Friday presentations. GSQ has completely transformed my kid and I can’t recommend it highly enough.” -Nysa Kline

“I love the creative environment that Summer Quest provides.  My daughter felt empowered and supported in the pursuit of her design goals.”-Debbie Lew

“Galileo Summer Quest is a fun, well-run camp which offers so much to the young people who attend. I love the continuous effort to improve–we find that each year the camps do get better and better.”-  Dana Granoski

“Galileo is so much more than a summer camp! My son worked with Lego Robotics, but he learned to be a true visionary!”- Posey Miller

“Galileo Summer Quest is amazing. My 5th grader got to do what he loves, design & build cool things in a fun, safe environment that had all the tools he needed to innovate to his heart’s content. Can’t wait to enroll next summer too!!” – Elizabeth Montgomery

“GSQ – Camp G grown up – A place to send your Middle Schoolers to learn those extra activities that schools have been eliminating.” – John of San Francisco

The Tech Summer Camps Testimonials

“I feel like Tech Camps help them tap into their passions which may help them identify future “career options” for them…pretty exciting to watch.”  – Nancy Smithline

“Fun mixed with cutting edge learning!  My child has thoroughly enjoyed camps at the Tech and returns every year!” -Melissa Haugh

“This is our kids’ third year attending Galileo, 2nd year attending the Tech Summer Camp. Our kids fell in love with the classes at the Tech and definitely wanted to come back this year. They couldn’t stop talking about their experience and what they learned. They couldn’t stop smiling either!  They baked pizza and cookies in Kitchen Chemistry and built robots and programmed them to do awesome things. The staff is genuinely caring and dedicated to the kids and they make sure each kid has an experience of a life time!” – Dana Testa

“The staff is wonderful at the Tech Museum camp and the subject matters and topics chosen are quite thrilling for young campers!” – Sharmeen

“Wearable tech was a completely unexpected, unique enjoyment.  I loved the catwalk!” -Sophia Alloggiamento

“The variety of programs is terrific with interesting and engaging content and the instructors are both enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  And what a great venue!  Wish I had discovered Tech Summer Camps years ago.” -Michelle Denman

“My son is all about Technology and this camp exceeded all of his expectations. Great staff and great experience all the way around.” – Katie Z

“The Tech Summer Camps offer such a rich variety of topics and teaching styles – we got something new out of every day!” – Mary Ludwick