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Big Savings Are on the Horizon

With the back-to-school rush in the rearview, it's a great time to schedule some new adventures. Lock down your 2024 camp weeks NOW while the Galileo Presale lasts to guarantee an unforgettable summer—and score these great perks:
Our daughter was excited to go to camp every day! The counselors were kind, she made new friends and built a cool project. She wants to go again next summer!
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My son is SO happy to go to camp every day. When I drop off and pick up, I can feel all the positive energy. I am already looking forward to him going back next summer!
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My kids loved camp. They are so proud of what they have built. They can’t wait for next summer to have fun with friends and collect more pins!
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Purchasing During Our Presale is Easy!

  • The Galileo 2024 Presale ends for good on September 30, 2023.
  • Purchase your 2024 camp weeks now at $100+ off of 2024 prices—PLUS, add Multi-Session savings of $25 off every week after the first + $100 off six weeks when purchased in the same transaction!
  • If you want to split $1200+ purchases over four months, select Pay Over Time at checkout.
  • Select your camp weeks during our Priority Enrollment period. This early access guarantees you get your first pick of camp dates, locations and projects.
  • Purchase with peace of mind—our flexible cancellation policy lets you cancel camp weeks through January 31, 2024.
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In 2024, campers can look forward to hands-on creativity, outdoor play and NEW PROJECTS carefully crafted by our curriculum team and tested (and approved!) by Camp Galileo campers.

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