Galileans are no strangers to leveraging principles of innovation—both in and outside of camp.

As summer draws near and thousands of current and aspiring educators prepare to learn how to apply the Galileo Innovation Approach, our curriculum leaders brought that same beloved framework to a broader audience of educators at the Nueva Schools’ biennial Innovative Learning Conference.

Pamela Briskman (Galileo’s VP of Education) and Jamie Diy (Galileo’s Director of Curriculum) presented a breakout session titled Anatomy of an Innovation Lesson. Having led the creation of more than 2,750 hours of unique and joyful curriculum, Pamela and Jamie gave an inside peek as to how their team approaches lesson development. In this well-attended and engaging session, participants heard firsthand how Galileo leans into developing new project-based lessons each year, and also had the opportunity to create a personal plan for infusing innovation goals into their own in their own educational plans.


Pamela shared, “It was a privilege to share our pedagogy for developing innovators at camp with classroom teachers, many of whom expressed sheer enthusiasm for the concrete ways we suggested bringing the innovator’s process and mindset to their students.”


Attendees stayed behind after the session, chatting about their newfound understanding that innovation goals can be incorporated into any lesson or subject. One enthusiastic participant recognized that while the session was geared toward teachers, she found the content applicable and valuable for parents too!

Jamie said, “It was really inspiring to see so many educators and professionals trying to implement principles of innovation, and compelling to hear all of the deep conversation sparked by the session content.”


Here’s to sharing more innovative practices with our staff this season. If you or someone you know is interested in hands-on learning with our team, learn more about our instructor openings

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