The first day of camp will be full of excitement, anticipation, new friends and fun! Trust that our seasoned staff are experts at making this transition smooth—your camper will be relaxed and having a blast in no time.

Before you arrive, here are some quick tips to prepare:

  • Bring: Comfy clothes, sneakers, a water bottle and a nut-free snack and lunch.
  • Anticipate: Meeting your Camp Director, verifying safety info and sending your kid through the fun machine to start the day. There will be music, dancing and a lot of joy.
  • Ask: All the questions! We want you to feel confident and excited about choosing Galileo. No question is too small for our camp or customer service teams.
  • Trust: Your Camp Director, our staff and your gut! You know your kid best, so the more we know about how to set them up for success, the better. The Camper Information form HERE gives us integral insights into making sure your child has the best week ever.