Yes.  Galileo Learning works to create a positive learning and camp environment for all campers and staff through positive behavior management methods. Campers are required to safely participate in camp, and are oriented on their first day to safety and behavior norms and expectations. Galileo reserves the right to remove campers from the program for any of the following behaviors and actions, as well as unforeseen actions that put the safety of the camp community at risk:

  • Hitting, shoving, pushing, biting, kicking campers or staff
  • Sexually touching campers or staff
  • Threatening physical aggression toward campers or staff
  • Making derogatory remarks related to race, sexual orientation, religion or other forms of discrimination toward campers or staff
  • Bringing a weapon to camp or threat of bringing a weapon to camp
  • Repeated and targeted verbal aggression toward campers or staff
  • Bringing drugs, alcohol, or other banned substances for minors to camp
  • Being unable to follow staff instructions such that there are safety concerns (e.g. unable to stay with group, cannot handle supplies safely)