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Innovation For Every Age

Camp Galileo has five age-groups designed to deliver and experience that perfectly balances challenge and fun at every level.

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For my child, this camp felt like magic. She came home with new ideas, projects, cheers and chants each day. She grew a lot, and we are so thankful that she had this experience!
Each time my kids attend Galileo they are SO excited to show me all of the cool things they built, decorated and created during the week. As a parent, I continue to be impressed by the innovation and creativity Galileo brings to its camps.
This is absolutely one of her very favorite summer camps…she loves bringing an idea to life through the design and build process. She is also so excited to showcase what she built at the end of the week—and the lessons she’s learned throughout.

The Galileo Innovation Approach®
Mindset • Process • Knowledge

The Galileo Innovation Approach, known at camp as “The GIA” is our proprietary three-part framework. The GIA is thoughtfully designed to nurture the innovative potential in each camper. All innovators need is 1) A mindset that promotes innovative work 2) Substantive knowledge that guides breakthrough thinking, and 3) A process that supports bringing the best ideas to fruition. Everything we do at camp is through the lens of The GIA.

Our Locations

Galileo Learning has been providing excellence in the summer camp experience for 20 years in Northern and Southern California and more recently Chicagoland and Seattle. Check out your region below!

Northern California

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Southern California

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