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THEME - Toy Makers Workshop |

Toy Makers Workshop

Pre-K - 6th Grade Themes


Embrace your inner toymaker with an array of playful age-appropriate projects.

Put a creative twist on the classics, designing custom Go Fish cards, imagination-fueled model cars or hand-painted pinball machine back glass. Engineer your own spin-art spinner, working arcade game or a toy shop to sell your wares. Bring your innovative ideas out to play for an unforgettable experience that’s all fun and games.


Nebula (Pre-K through Kindergarten)

Art: Add artistic flair to traditional toys. Create a set of underwater-inspired Go Fish cards, decorated with foam fish stamps and stored in a box painted with ocean designs. Practice fabric dyeing and printing techniques to whip up a whimsical ribbon wand.

Science: Set up shop with your own Nebula-sized play shop, complete with a sturdy roof, hinged door and level, weight-bearing counter. Learn how mesh membranes work, then experiment with a variety of materials to discover which ones make the best bubble blower.

Outdoors: Bring some parachutes out to play, working with your team to turn them into giant mushrooms, secret hideouts and whirling merry-go-rounds. Plunder as many toys as possible without getting tagged by the pirate in a swashbuckling game of Toy Island.

Star (1st and 2nd Grades)

Art: Make playful art that rides and rolls. Learn paper-crafting techniques to construct a custom 3D vehicle. Use wood, paper and pipe cleaners to create and personalize roly-poly toys that wobble but won’t fall down.

Science: Take your electrical engineering skills out for a spin, wiring basic circuits to power a spectacular spin art machine. Investigate the science of slides and slopes as you build your own multi-ramp marble run, complete with components that move or make noise.

Outdoors: Tossing toys is the name of the game as you try to move your mess into someone else’s space in Clean Your Room. Wield the powers of collaboration and sneakiness to slip past the chicken keeper and rescue your team’s favorite toy.

Supernova (3rd THROUGH 5th Grades)

3rd and 4th at select Bay Area camps with Meteors

Art: Dream up a theme for your very own pinball machine. Trace your visionary design for the back-glass on plexiglass, fill in details with paint and add fairy lights to make it glow. Assemble a backing so you can attach it to the base game you make in Science.

Science: Put your own twist on a classic arcade game. Use simple machines to build a working, tabletop pinball machine with flippers, a rubber band-powered plunger and a motorized kicker. Create custom targets and ramps and design the rules to make your game fair and fun for any pinball wizard.

Outdoors: Break out your game face and listening ears for Boiler Burst, a fast-moving mix of storytelling and tag. Roll with your fellow Supernovas to make a human marble maze, propelling a marble from one point to another without touching it or letting it drop.

Meteor (5th and 6th Grades)

New for 2020 at select Bay Area locations

Project Time: Toy with pressure systems and PVC construction to design and build your own water blaster. Use saws, drills and clamps to shape PVC tubing, then choose a nozzle, add a tank and test your water flow. Use what you learn to design and build a collaborative water arcade game.

Club Time: Think big as you build a giant Jenga Mad Libs set, made from sawed, sanded wood and adorned with an assortment of carefully selected nouns and verbs. Treat yourself to a snack break with a batch of Meteor-made rainbow unicorn chocolate bark.