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THEME - Toy Makers Workshop |

Toy Makers Workshop


Embrace your inner toymaker with an array of playful age-appropriate projects.


Nebula (Pre-Kindergarten)

Add new flair to traditional toys. Create a set of underwater-inspired Go Fish cards, decorated with foam fish stamps and stored in a box painted with ocean designs. Fashion and fold a high-flying kite and fine tune its wings so it stays afloat as long as possible. Bring your innovative ideas out to play as you push, twist and roll your hand-made toy creations.

Star (Kindergarten and 1st Grades)

Make playful toys that really move. Learn paper-crafting techniques to construct a custom 3D vehicle. Take your electrical engineering skills out for a spin, wiring basic circuits to power a spectacular spin art machine. Continue the fun and games with a redesigned favorites like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Twister.

Supernova (2nd THROUGH 4th Grades)

Put your own twist on a classic arcade games. Use simple machines to build a working, tabletop pinball machine with flippers, a rubber band-powered plunger and a motorized kicker. Create targets and ramps and design the rules to make your game fair and fun for any pinball wizard. Make a portable cornhole game decked-out with a visionary character and custom colors. Break out your game face and best moves for the Silly Action Ball Game.

Meteor (5th – 8th Grades)

New for 2021 at select locations

Toy with pressure systems and PVC construction to design and build your own water blaster. Use saws, drills and clamps to shape PVC tubing, then choose a nozzle, add a tank and test your water flow. Use what you learn to design and build a collaborative water arcade game. Have some outdoor fun with a super-sized water balloon launcher you design with your team using lashed-together bamboo poles.