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Secrets For Retaining Stellar Camp Staff

  With over 40% of staff from the previous summer returning to camp each year and 93% of employees reporting on Glassdoor that they’d recommend working at Galileo to a friend, what’s the secret to our success? Hear below from... Read more

Summer Camp Jobs at Galileo

Jobs at Camp Galileo: Videos

Galileo is searching for amazing mission-driven educators, staff and camp counselors with energy and passion to teach kids the joy of learning through a unique innovation curriculum that teaches skills for the future. Galileo offers summer day camp jobs and... Read more

The Galileo Spark Innovation Scholarship is Back!

  On the heels of our 2018 summer, we asked ourselves, “How can we further invest in aspiring educators?” We offer job opportunities, training and community but felt we could (and should!) do even more. Thus, the Spark Innovation Scholarship... Read more