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THEME - Deep Ocean Explorers |

Deep Ocean Explorers


This Spring, uncover the mysteries of the Mariana Trench on a voyage to the planet's deepest point.


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Craft art depicting extraordinary ocean dwellers from nudibranchs to basket stars to bioluminescent jellyfish. Engineer deep-sea exploration vessels and inventions inspired by octopus tentacles or coral creatures. Chart a course for innovation and take the plunge into an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Nebulas (Kindergarten)

Art: Take inspiration from the molluscs of Maug Lagoon as you sculpt your own brightly colored, uniquely featured nudibranch. Wiggle your artistic energy into a deep sea tube worm puppet, dipping, dyeing and tearing fabric to craft the cylindrical creature and its retractable plume.

Science: Engineer equipment for your ocean adventures. Use foam and toothpicks to build and test a cargo-bearing exploratory vessel that can stand up to rough seas, with a sturdy hinged grabber designed to pick up seafloor specimens.

Outdoors: Keep your head (and body) above water as you hop from island to island without getting caught by a circling shark. Work in boat-and-captain pairs to sail through a sea-themed obstacle course as fast as the waves will carry you.

Stars (1st – 2nd grades)

Art: Peek through your porthole to create a layered underwater scene from the shallowest ocean reefs to the bottom of the Mariana trench, complete with painted depth gradients, a textured environment and stenciled sea creatures. Collaborate with your fellow ocean explorers to mold, dye and detail a multi-branched, spiral-tendrilled basket star.

Science: Investigate the coral reefs of the Mariana Islands and then build your own, using paper folding and taping techniques to model the size, structure and strength of the real thing. Engineer a jellyfish that travels like the Velella—the “by-the-wind sailor” that travels on the ocean’s surface by tilting its sail into the wind.

Outdoors: Right your ship and find your way back to port by navigating the correct course through the ocean without making a wrong move. Transform into a shark and work alongside your team to swim away from fisherman trying to trap you in their tank.

Supernovas (3rd – 5th grades)

Art: Create illuminated art in undersea style with a bioluminescent jellyfish lamp. Craft your jellyfish’s 3D bell shade from paper, covering it vibrant, paper mache to make a translucent shade. Attach an array of spiral-cut, folded, braided or finger-knit tentacles and finish it with festive fairy lights.

Science: Build a seaworthy recreation of the Okeanos Explorer research vessel. Construct a watertight hull to carry your cargo and a swiveling crane that can transport a submersible from ship deck to sea floor. Fine-tune and reinforce your buoyant boat to move steadily through simulated waves.

Outdoors: Set sail for the great outdoors, collaborating with your Supernova shipmates to stay safe and dry inside a swiftly shrinking lifeboat. Follow your captain’s ocean-themed orders on the double as you row through a rapid round of Shipwreck.