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active challenge:

kitchen croquet

Suggested Ages: K – 5th Grades

Find everything you need for this innovative version of croquet in your kitchen! In this challenge you’ll use everyday objects to design a croquet course with at least 3 wickets (hoops) for the ball to go through. As you do this you’ll need to BE REFLECTIVE by thinking about what you can do to make sure your course is as fun as possible.

Active Challenge: Fun, movement-oriented games and activities to spark innovation and creativity

This is no ordinary DIY activity for kids: It’s a step toward becoming an innovator.


Every Galileo Active Challenge gets kids moving and teaches the same mindsets that professional designers, engineers, artists and athletes use in their work. With skills like these, we believe you can change the world.

Get Involved—For Grown Ups

Materials list:

Find these materials or a close substitute: 


  • A ball (around the size of a golf ball or tennis ball)
  • Something to hit the ball with (a club, a broom handle with a spatula taped to it, etc.) 
  • Household items to make the course and wickets (cans, jars, cereal boxes, recyclables, etc.) 
  • Optional: Decorative materials (paper, tape, markers, etc.)


Activity GUIDE:

Refer to these steps to keep young innovators on track as they play:


1. Clear a space about 6′ x 6’.


2. Make at least 3 wickets (arches) by stacking household items.


3. Play and redesign to make the course as fun as possible.

  • Support being reflectiveIf kids aren’t interested in redesigning remind them that by stopping to reflect they can make their course more fun!
  • Ask: What do you notice about how hard or easy your course is? What might you change to make it easier / harder?
  • Ask: What would make your course even more fun?


More Ideas:

Every project presents opportunities to add your own twists or extensions. Here are some ideas to get you started: 


  • Come up with a theme for your course and decorate the wickets accordingly.
  • Try adding special features like hills or ramps.


Wrap Up Questions:

Lock in the learning by asking kids these questions about their activity and how they practiced the featured Innovator’s Mindset element: 


  • What’s your favorite thing about your course? What are you most proud of?
  • How were you reflective while making your course? What did you notice when you tried your first course out? What changes did you decide to make? Did those changes make it more fun?

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The last step in the Gallieo Innovator’s Process is SHARE. Great learning can come from sharing successes and failures—to solidify your own experience as an innovator and to inspire others.


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