Hear how a beloved Galileo instructor took a chance and shared his own story, forging an incredible connection with one of our youngest campers in the process.

Curious about what George is up to now?

He’s in a doctoral program for clinical psychology, and his second year specializing in work with children. George also says Galileo is the reason he shifted his career to work with kids instead of adults, and that he draws upon the skills and growth he gained from his days at Galileo all the time:

“I’m proud of the work I’m doing, and I think about my Galileo experience often. It helps in resetting my attitude, and remembering to bring pageantry, fun and genuine kindness to the kids I work with in Fruitvale [Oakland, CA], many of whom are at-risk. Sometimes, in therapy, I even find myself referencing Galileo values and asking my young clients things like, ‘How can you be courageous in your next step approaching this challenge in your life?’”

We can’t help but be inspired by George’s current professional focus, and how he’s leveraging the Galileo Innovation Approach. How’s that for a ripple effect?

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