Innovation for All

Creating inclusive and diverse communities and culture is deeply linked to the achievement of Galileo’s mission to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. We believe all kids have the potential to be bold, courageous innovators, and we’re committed to unlocking that potential—not just at our programs, but throughout the communities we serve.


We believe every child should have access to programs that help them build the skills to thrive in a modern world regardless of resources. We offer financial assistance in the form of full or partial scholarships to qualified families and encourage all with the need to apply.

We will begin accepting scholarship applications for Camp Galileo 2023 in January. 


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Non-Profit Program Licensing

In some circumstances, Galileo Learning partners with non-profit organizations with similar aims who are seeking to add innovation, design and STEAM programming into the communities they serve. Galileo can work with your non-profit to equip you with the elements you would need to operate a Camp Galileo program on your site. Contact us to discuss

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School-Funded Camp Galileo Program

Galileo Learning collaborates with unified school districts and individual schools to provide spring and summer programming to low-income students. For districts without the resources to operate their own programs, but with budget allocated to offer scholarship or financial-aid based enrichment, Galileo has extensive experience working with district officials to provide camp options to meet their needs. Several school districts pay to have Galileo offer free camp to their students in lieu of or in addition to running their own summer enrichment programs. Contact us to learn more about how the Galileo school district scholarship program works and to get started.

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Inclusion and Diversity

In addition to making camp experiences more accessible to all kids, we are actively working on inclusion and diversity across our company.

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