Thinking about coming back for another stellar season? Moved on to other innovative endeavors? Whether you’re planning to return to camp, or are on to new spectacular things, we’re here for you.

Below you’ll find resources tailored to you, including information about how to stay connected with fellow Galileans, helpful tips for telling future employers about your experience, and ways to welcome your friends or colleagues to our community of innovators.


Returning staffers like you are a crucial part of a successful summer—your guidance of new team members, the wisdom and perspective you bring, and your amazing energy help make each summer even better than the last.

You already know that a Galileo summer is filled with inspirational moments and incredible growth, and working for multiple summers only deepens that experience. We’re committed to playing a part in your professional development—during the summer and beyond—to help you reach your goals. And whatever role you take on, each year brings new opportunities to hone your strengths and tackle new challenges.

How to apply for another summer

First, apply early. Summer hiring launches in January each year, and the earlier you apply the better. Camp Directors assess staffing throughout winter, and the earlier your CD knows you want to return, the earlier you can connect about your plans, goals and intentions for another summer at camp.

Use the link below to log into your profile and access the returning staff application. We’ve saved your information from the last time you worked at camp, so the application process should be easy-breezy. All you have to do is log in to update your information, find the right position and general location, and then answer a few questions. It only takes about 5 minutes to apply! If you’re not sure whether you want to apply for the same role as last summer or if you want to try something new, no problem. Apply for what seems right, and we’ll work with you to determine the best next step.

Schedule conflicts? Apply anyway! We’ll do our best to get creative so you can return in the way that works best for you and for camp.

Important dates

  • Early January: Applications go live!
  • February: Camp Directors review returning staff applications and begin reaching out.
  • Late February: Returning staff application deadline. Apply by this time to ensure we get a look at your application before meeting applicants new to Galileo.



By now you know that camp isn’t just a summer-long experience, but it can be hard to maintain connections built over just a few short weeks. We’ve got your back. Whether you’re glued to Facebook, recording everything you do (and eat) on Instagram, or networking on LinkedIn, there’s a Galileo Staff social media channel for you. Check ‘em out below, and get connecting:

Share your experience

Want to share more ways that Galileo has had an impact in your life? We’d love to hear in your own words about how camp is still relevant in your life and career. Email for information on how to be featured in Galileo publications, on our website, or to spread the word to other Galileans about your innovative adventures!

Access your profile

We’re also interested in staying up-to-date on how to get in touch with you. We love to share updates on Galileo’s impact as we grow and change, and clue you in to employment opportunities before we let the general public in on what’s open. And you probably appreciate getting your tax documentation mailed to the right place. To update your mailing and email addresses, as well as your preferences for what’s sent to you by email visit the link below and log in.



We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to grow at Galileo and beyond. Over the next year you’ll see professional development tools and resources on our website grow. If you have feedback about the content below or resources you’d like to request, please email


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