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THEME - Galileo Olympic Games |

Galileo Olympic Games


Go for the gold in a triumphant Olympic journey.



Get fired up for the games. Create your own Olympic torch, complete with patterned handle and colored paper “flames.” Tee up some miniature fun as you design a model Olympic golf course, complete with tee box, hole, hazards and sturdy putter. Unleash your inner Olympian as you row, run and swim your way through a sports-themed obstacle course.

Star (Kindergarten and 1ST GRADES)

Draw artistic inspiration from the symbols of the games. Learn about low relief sculpture as you mold and paint a pair of gold medals.  Let your knowledge of physics fly as you harness the power of tension to construct a strong, flexible archery bow with a full quiver of straight-shooting, soft-tipped arrows. Race to the finish as you play a follow the leader Olympic torch relay.

Supernova (2nd THROUGH 4TH GRADES)

Capture the spirt of the games by learning the secrets of gesture drawing and depicting the dynamic actions of your favorite Olympic events. Master the mechanics of martial arts by engineering a judo robot with pneumatic systems that move its mechanized appendages and grapples with other bots. Claim victory in team sports with a Galileo twist by perfecting your aim in the throwing challenge or speeding through the wacky workout circuit.

Meteor (5TH Through 7TH GRADES)

New for 2021 at select locations

Gear up for the newest event at the Galileo Olympics—Go Kart Racing. Transform a pile of wood, rubber and steel into a rideable reality as you create your own custom go-kart. Learn how to measure twice and cut once, drill pilot holes, handle a handsaw and use a rasp and file. Work with hand and power tools to assemble your kart’s wheels and axles, steering column, hood and seat. Dream up an innovative design, crafting functional features like working doors or foot brakes and adding personalized styling with acrylic paints. Debut your kart in the Galileo games, then roll home in your one-of-a-kind ride.