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THEME - National Parks Adventure |

National Parks Adventure


Explore America's most spectacular natural spaces at Galileo this summer.


Nebula (Pre-Kindergarten)

Have an epic adventure in the Grand Canyon. Get inspired by the region’s reptilian dwellers, creating a series of textured stamps to make a patterned lizard puppet. Dive into the depths of the Colorado River as you design a spacious and sturdy raft. Take to the outdoors in a follow-the-leader-style hike down the switchback trail—leaping, jumping and hopping as you go.

Star (Kindergarten and 1ST Grade)

Lace up your boots for an adventure in Olympic National Park. Use torn paper and textured stamps to craft a fabulously feathered Northern Spotted Owl puppet. Get familiar with the bear necessities of backpacking by learning structural engineering basics and creating a sturdy bear-proof trashcan lid. Go on an epic scavenger hunt to find Olympic’s endemic grasshopper: nisquallia olympica.

Supernova (2nd through 4th Grade)

Point your innovation compass towards spectacular Yellowstone Park. Design a set of graphic wildlife postcards inspired by the iconic animals of the park. Gear up for a gorgeous hike with a full-sized, custom-fit PVC frame backpack. Consider stability and functionality as you add reinforcements, straps, buckles and pockets. Blaze a trail for outdoor fun by working with your fellow Supernovas to forge a path out of the woods without taking a wrong step.

Meteor (5th and 6th Grade)

New for 2021 at select locations

Set the scene for some scenic relaxation by constructing a portable, customized camp chair. Hone basic woodworking skills as you measure, saw and drill to build your two-part chair frame. Personalize the size, seat and back design opting for wooden slats, canvas panels or woven strips. Embellish your chair with a stencil painting of your favorite national parks animal and add handy pockets or carrying straps to make it camp ready.

Add one more waterfall to the landscape by building an epic PVC sprinkler tunnel, drilling holes where you want the water to spray and decking it out in thematic waterproof decorations.