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THEME - National Parks Adventure |

National Parks Adventure

Pre-K - 6th Grade Themes


Explore America's most spectacular natural spaces at Galileo this summer.

Create art influenced by the animals and awe-inspiring scenery of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Olympic National Park. Build camping gear from bear canisters to backpacks and investigate the mechanics of condors and grasshoppers. Lace up your boots and point your compass toward innovation on the outdoor adventure of a lifetime.


Nebula (Pre-K through Kindergarten)

Art: Have an epic artistic adventure in the Grand Canyon. Get inspired by the region’s reptilian dwellers, creating a series of textured stamps to make a patterned lizard puppet. Practice color mixing and paper tearing as you craft a layered canyon collage.

Science: Explore the highs and lows of the canyon. Construct a soaring condor with an aerodynamic shape and rubber band launch mechanism. Dive into the depths of the Colorado River as you design a buoyant, mini  life jacket.

Outdoors: Take to the outdoors for an imaginary expedition through the Grand Canyon, zigzagging down trails, crawling into caves and swimming in the Colorado River. Jump over slithering serpents without getting bitten in the game Snakes in the Canyon.

Star (1ST and 2nd Grade)

Art: Create art that can soar and slime through Olympic National Park. Use torn paper and textured stamps to craft a fabulously feathered Northern Spotted Owl puppet. Make a wildlife scene complete with  a movable banana slug and dyed-paper mushrooms.

Science: Get familiar with the bear necessities of backpacking. Learn some structural engineering basics, then build and test a sturdy bear-proof trashcan lid. Engineer a smooth-driving, high-capacity truck designed to carry rubble for restoration efforts at the Elwah River.

Outdoors: Introduce the animals of Olympic National Park to the Galileo outdoors. Identify the park’s wildest inhabitants in a round of I Spy with a tag-inspired twist. Work with your team to retrieve the ranger’s keys from a sleeping bear without waking it up.

Supernova (3rd through 5th Grade)

3rd and 4th at select Bay Area camps with Meteors

Art: Seek inspiration in the animals of Yellowstone to create a wearable wildlife mask. Cut, score and fold paper to create your creature’s head and fine-tune its features. Add texture with a layer of paper mache and make it pop with oil pastel accents.

Science: Gear up for a gorgeous hike with a backpack you build yourself. Explore ergonomics as you build a full-sized PVC frame molded to fit the curvature of your back. Consider stability and functionality as you add reinforcements, straps, buckles and pockets.

Outdoors: Blaze a trail for outdoor fun with Yellowstone-inspired games. Work with your fellow Supernovas to forge a path out of the woods without taking a wrong step. Transform yourself into a rock, tree or mountain as you race through a nature-themed relay.

Meteor (5th and 6th Grade)

New for 2020 at select Bay Area locations

Project Time: Set the scene for some scenic relaxation by constructing a portable, customized camp chair. Hone basic woodworking skills as you measure, saw and drill to build your two-part chair frame. Personalize the size, seat and back design opting for wooden slats, canvas panels or woven strips. Embellish your chair with a stencil painting of your favorite national parks animal and add handy pockets or carrying straps to make it camp ready.

Club Time: Have some outdoor fun with a super-sized water balloon launcher you design with your team using lashed-together bamboo poles. Make yummy gummy bears and custom granola bars to fuel your national parks adventure.