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FAQs -


Before You Sign Up

How are kids grouped at camp?

At Camp Galileo, we group campers by grade in four age groups:

Rising K – 2nd Graders (Stars)
Rising 3rd & 4th Graders (Supernovas)
Rising 5th – 8th Graders (Meteors)

Our curriculum is carefully customized for each group.

For campers entering 8th – 10th grades, we offer our Counselor in Training (CIT) program. With guidance from dedicated staff, CITs hone essential leadership skills—collaboration, communication, goal setting, giving feedback—plus experience all the fun of a classic Galileo summer.

Do you offer extended care?

We offer extended care every day from 8am – 9am  and 3pm – 6pm. You can add extended care when enrolling your camper or after you have enrolled.

Learn more about how campers spend their extended care time.

Can my child attend with a camper aide?

While our camps aren’t specifically designed to accommodate campers with special needs, many kids with a wide range of needs have had great experiences with us over the years. We also welcome camper aides, provided that they go through our onboarding process prior to the start of camp. NOTE: This process takes about two weeks and needs to be completed before the start of your camp week.

We can usually accommodate most common needs and/or potential challenges, but we know that every person and family is unique. Please feel free to contact our customer service team HERE for more information about whether our camp would be a good fit for your child.

What are your age requirements?

We offer camp for rising kindergartners through rising 10th graders.

We require that all Camp Galileo campers be entering kindergarten in the fall 2023. We will not be able to accept any TK or Pre-K students for the 2023 summer.

Learn more

Do you have half-day options?

We currently offer only full-day (9am – 3pm) programming for all grade levels.

Can my camper attend partial days/weeks?

Our camp is designed to unfold across five full  days (Monday through Friday, 9am – 3pm). We recommend that campers stay for the full camp experience. We do not pro-rate for missed hours or days of camp.

How do you supervise campers?

We pride ourselves on a small group format where staff can work closely with campers and provide the personalized encouragement and support they need. During class time, we maintain a camper-to-staff ratio of 12:1. Camp Galileo campers are never alone—even trips to the restroom happen with a buddy or in a group—and our staff is trained to take attendance every 15 minutes and during every transition.

Check out our FAQ for first-time Galileo families

What are the hours of camp?

All camps run from 9am-3pm  Monday through Friday.  We are closed on Juneteenth, Monday June 19th and Independence Day, Tuesday July 4th.

Which camp is closest to me?

We have camps throughout the United States, with locations in California, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Use our camp finder to find a camp near you or view our list of locations HERE.

What if my location is listed as TBD?

If a location is listed as TBD, it means we are confident that we will have a camp in that community, but are still confirming the specific location. As soon as we have finalized our site plans, our website will be updated!

How do you balance fun and learning at camp?

We’ve been perfecting our signature mix of eye-opening learning and mind-blowing fun for over 20 years. Galileo campers spend a big chunk of their day outside—playing games, taking on team-building challenges, participating in silly camp traditions—and the rest of their time diving into hands-on activities that spark creativity and teach lasting innovation skills.

Learn more about what your camper’s day will look like at Galileo:

Entering K – 8th grades (Camp Galileo)
Entering 8th – 10th grades (Counselor in Training)

Can my camper be grouped with friends at camp?

We do our best to group campers together with at least one friend, as long as they are in the same grade range. To make a friend request for your camper, log in to your account and fill that out under your child’s information.

If you don’t do any social planning in advance, don’t worry! Our small group format and highly trained staff help facilitate new friendships and make every camper feel safe and included.

If you do plan to share your summer with friends, don’t forget about our Refer a Friend program—click here to learn more.

Can my camper join their sibling/friend in an older/younger age group?

We carefully craft our curriculum to provide the perfect amount of challenge and fun for kids at every level. That’s why, unfortunately, we cannot group differently aged campers together.

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