Summer 2021 has seen the joyous reunion of Galileo’s camp communities. Campers, families, and staff agree: it sure is great to be back in action.

While Camp Galileo is always a blast and a half, this summer is something unique. Whether or not your camper has been navigating anxiety about transitioning back to a post-quarantine world, the big summer fun and imagination-sparking activities at Camp G are an irresistible combination for families looking to rediscover the joys of summer.

A camper starts the day with a trip through the Fun Machine.

A Peek at the Projects

Each week, campers tackle a series of art and engineering activities designed specifically for their age group. The result: an experience that perfectly balances challenge and fun at every level.

Supernovas (rising 3rd – 5th graders) in the Toy Makers Workshop theme create working pinball machines.

Nebulas (rising kindergarteners) in the Galileo Olympic Games theme design their own fully-playable miniature golf courses.

Campers in the National Parks Adventure theme are trail-ready with custom external frame backpacks.

Eat your heart out, Super Soaker. Meteors—Galileo campers entering 6th – 8th grade—built the water blasters of their dreams.

A Summer of Transformation

Everything we do at Camp G is designed to ignite the innovator in every kid. The physical projects that campers create are cool, but the skills, mindset, and confidence that they build are the real reward.

A sign in one classroom reminds campers of the five aspects of the Innovator’s Mindset.

Campers practice courage and determination as they learn new concepts, like the fundamentals of pneumatics.

A pair of Meteors collaborate on a go-kart design, supporting each others’ work and building off of one another’s ideas.

A camper displays a set of hoops for a basketball shooter made earlier in the week. The group’s design challenge was to create a visionary hoop that had never been seen before.

Big-Time Summer Fun

Summer is a fantastic time for exploring enriching activities to complement the school year, but at the end of the day, Camp Galileo is a summer camp, and summer camp should be F-U-N. Luckily, kids at Camp Galileo get the best of both worlds.

When your camp check-in time looks like this, every morning is a good morning.

Big smiles during outdoor play activities.

Campers display the cornhole games they created. Extensive playtesting followed.

A victorious team of Supernovas crosses the finish line in a round of a camp-favorite game, Capture the Rubber Chicken.

Camp Galileo has CA summer camps in Irvine all the way to San Francisco as well as locations in Seattle, Chicagoland, and Denver! There’s still time to get in on the action! Don’t wait too long to find your camp and enroll—Galileo’s last camps close their doors for the summer on August 13, 2021.