We are on a mission to develop a future full of innovators. But what is an innovator, and how do we get there?

We could try and explain the true impact our programs have on campers, but we find it’s always better to hear it from our campers themselves. We asked one of our campers to explain what he learned during his week at camp:


An innovator is someone who sees themself as an agent of change. We believe that all people, equipped with the right tools and surrounded by the right culture, can innovate in a way that advances our society and provides personal fulfilment. Our tool of choice? The Galileo Innovation Approach ®, or the GIA.

The GIA is inspired by the innovation process developed at the Stanford d.school and identifies three components necessary for innovation: the innovator’s mindset, the innovator’s knowledge and the innovator’s process. Together, these three components prepare a camper to take on tasks that may seem daunting, to collaborate with others and receive feedback, to reflect on their marvelous mistakes and to never give up.

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