Since 2003, we’ve partnered with The Tech Museum of Innovation—one of the Bay Area’s premier institutions of science and technology—to create hands-on summer experiences for campers entering 4th to 8th grades. A lot has changed over the years at Summer Camps @ The Tech, but one constant is an ever-evolving roster of exciting, engaging classes. Here’s what’s in store for this summer.


Animal M.D.
Work with practice patients and spend time with live animals as you learn the tricks of the veterinary trade. Read X-rays, identify illnesses, practice suturing techniques and examine specimens as you tend to your favorite furry, feathery or scaly friends.
[PLEASE NOTE: Animals in this class are primarily low-allergen. If you have any questions about your child’s animal allergies or aversions, please call customer service at 800-854-3684 before signing up.]

Chemistry Creations
Unleash your inner mad scientist as you experiment with chemical compounds to create surreal scientific reactions. Harness concepts like heat exchange and solubility to design lava lamps, engineer endothermic cold packs, launch rockets and much more.

Forensic Detective
Get inside the mind of a crime scene investigator as you use lab equipment and forensic techniques to analyze samples and interpret evidence. Case the crime scenes, uncover the clues and use your powers of deduction to solve twisty mysteries at The Tech.

Junior M.D.
Kick off a career in medicine as you make your rounds at The Tech Med School. Learn the basics of anatomy and physiology to help you take on real-life case studies, make practical diagnoses, dive into dissections and graduate with flying colors.

Kitchen Chemistry
Whip up a batch of delectable reactions as you explore the chemistry of cooking and baking. Learn how ingredients react, discover the composition of your favorite foods and test your theories to make delicious dishes like pizza and cookies.
[PLEASE NOTE: Ingredients used in this class contain allergens. If your child has any food allergies, we need to know in advance. Please call customer service at 800-854-3684 before signing up.]

Molecular Gastronomy
Solid beverages, jellied fruit, powdered sauces—it’s time to play with your food! Use the principles of chemistry to alter the properties of simple ingredients and present them in unpredictable, exciting and enticing ways.
[PLEASE NOTE: Ingredients used in this class contain allergens. If your child has any food allergies, we need to know in advance. Please call customer service at 800-854-3684 before signing up.]


3D Game Design with Unreal Engine
Design and play like the pros with your own virtual game. Use design platform Unreal Engine to mold terrain, set camera angles, adjust lighting, populate objects and program behaviors as you create an exciting, original platforming game within a 3D world.

Code Masters with Python
Revamped for 2019 – Take your programming skills to the next level with this full-day coding experience. Learn universal coding concepts such as data structures, algorithms and run-time complexity as you write code to solve real-world problems. (We strongly recommend campers have previous experience with coding before signing up for this class.)

iOS App Development with Swift
Find out what it takes to become a registered developer as you design an app for Apple mobile devices. Learn the basics of Xcode and the programming language Swift, then collaborate with your team to create a custom iOS app. (Also offered: iOS App Development with Swift – Girls Only)

Virtual Reality with Unity
Dive into an immersive reality of your own design. Uncover the possibilities of Google Cardboard as you build a virtual reality viewer, then use an experimental VR toolkit and Unity 3D to design your own engaging, interactive world for mobile devices.


Circuits and Electronics
Plug into the electrifying world of circuitry. Learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering, decipher schematic diagrams and build working circuits. Harness your creativity and newfound circuitry skills to design components for a collaborative, electrified community. (Also offered: Circuits and Electronics – Girls Only)

Environmental Engineer (New in 2019)
Devise sustainable solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems. Learn the fundamentals of environmental engineering and explore issues from pollution to renewable energy as you generate designs for a green community. (Also offered: Environmental Engineer – Girls Only)

LEGO® Robotics
Create and command your own LEGO-powered robot. Use Technic pieces for building and Mindstorm NXT software for programming as you teach your robot to maneuver through obstacles, complete challenges and navigate a diverse terrain.

Robotics Engineer
Break into the realm of robotics to discover the ways machines shape our world. Build your own bot from the wheels up and learn some programming basics. Design the code you need to teach your robot to complete a range of real-world challenges. (Also offered: Robotics Engineer – Girls Only)

Sports Engineer: Fitness Tech
Revamped for 2019 – Explore the intersection of design, technology and human physiology as you keep pace with the latest fitness tech. Use your coding and sewing skills to engineer a wearable device that can track physiological feats from step count to heart rate.


3D Animation
Breathe life into any character or environment you can imagine in this full-day class. Use industry standard software Autodesk Maya to create 3D rendered models from the skeleton up, then apply basic animation concepts to make your unique characters move on-screen.

Graphic Design with Adobe (New in 2019)
Unleash your inner artist as you transform your design vision into reality. Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Creative Suite and the basics of branding as you take designs from creative concept to recognizable brand and build a pitch-ready portfolio.

Hollywood Producer: Movie Magic
Bring your Hollywood vision to life on the big screen. Work with your production team, using digital cameras and iMovie to transform the elements of your masterpiece—plot, direction, editing and more—into a blockbuster hit in any genre you choose.

Don’t get us wrong: we absolutely love having camp against the backdrop of The Tech’s world-class exhibits. It’s an incredibly cool place to spend a day, not to mention an entire week. What’s even better, though, is the alignment between our mission and The Tech’s. Collectively, we strive to inspire and develop innovators who envision and create a better world. To learn more about Summer Camps @ The Tech, click the button below. ????