Elementary school is the perfect age for nurturing curiosity about subjects like art, science, and outdoor play. At Camp Galileo, we help foster a sense of curiosity in our kids by exposing them to a range of activities in our themed weekly camp sessions. One of the special traits about our summer programs is that we offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for every child.


Campers who are entering 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade in the fall can join in the Camp Galileo fun as Supernovas. They explore, play, and socialize with kids in the same age group while getting hands-on with multi-day projects that are designed to promote creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. As the oldest group of campers at Camp G, they’ll get a unique opportunity to lead camp games, be stretched to create more challenging, multi-day projects, and serve as role models to Star (1st – 2nd grade) and Nebula (pre-K – Kindergarteners) campers.

Supernovas really shine as they stretch their limits outside of their comfort zone while developing new friendships and having a ton of fun along the way. You shouldn’t be surprised if your camper returns home with a totally new way of approaching challenges and obstacles. For example, our kids learn that a mistake can actually bring greater insight—and yes, even more fun!—than a traditional “success.” This frame of mind sets our campers up for a lifetime of innovation as they feel more comfortable and determined to confidently test their theories and ideas with their peers.


We’ve got four themes planned for this summer that we couldn’t be more excited to share with you.

Renaissance Adventure

Campers will take an epic journey back in time to the workshops of Renaissance Italy. Check out what our Supernovas will be doing during the week:

Art: Campers will print a pamphlet with a moving message. They’ll learn about movable type and Gutenberg’s printing press while using wooden text blocks to produce an enduring statement. Kids will get to practice the printmaking skill of linocutting to create images that enhance their words.

Outdoors: Supernovas will move outdoors and up in the ranks while choosing poses that set them apart while advancing in a game from ‘apprentice’ to ‘master.’ In a teambuilding challenge, they’ll work together to create a commissioned portrait using an unusual, unwieldy drawing device.

Science: Supernovas will become Renaissance machine makers while engineering da Vinci-inspired automata. They’ll learn about rotational and linear motion, then build a cam, cam follower and crankshaft to power unique scenes and characters that move in sequence with the turn of a crank.

Makers Workshop

Supernovas roll up their sleeves and learn how to make a myriad of devices with their own two hands. Here’s what in store for the week:

Art: Campers will create art that keeps perfect time. They’ll brainstorm and sketch ideas for an inventive, character-inspired clock, complete with a detailed painted background. Supernovas will have a blast assembling their clock mechanism and using advanced shading techniques to transform their design into a ticking, textured reality.

Outdoors: Supernovas will tinker with a traditional game of catch by adding some improvisation, reimagining the ball as a range of silly objects they can to toss to other players. They’ll turn inventive ideas into outdoor fun while making up a brand-new game for their team to play.

Science: Campers will learn how to lock down their keepsakes by building a safe that only they can open. They’ll engineer a safe box, combination lock and lock plate, incorporating personalized clues as they build. Campers will use simple circuits and a seesaw mechanism to carefully create and calibrate their safe’s alarm.

Deep Ocean Explorers

Campers will uncover the mysteries of the Mariana Trench on a voyage to the planet’s deepest point. Here’s what’s on the schedule:

Art: Campers create illuminated undersea-style art in the form of bioluminescent jellyfish lamps. They’ll craft the jellyfish’s 3D bell shade from paper, covering it with vibrant papier-mâché to make translucent shades. Finally, they will attach an array of spiral-cut, folded, braided or finger-knit tentacles and finish their lamps with festive fairy lights.

Outdoors: Supernovas set sail for the open ocean, collaborating with their shipmates in a game to stay safe and dry inside a swiftly shrinking lifeboat. They’ll follow the captain’s ocean-themed orders on the double while rowing through a rapid round of a camp favorite, Shipwreck.

Science: Campers will build seaworthy recreations of the Okeanos Explorer research vessel. They’ll construct a watertight hull to carry their cargo and build a swiveling crane that can transport a submersible from ship deck to sea floor. Supernovas will fine-tune and reinforce their buoyant boats to move steadily through simulated waves.

Expedition To Everest

Campers will embark on an exhilarating adventure to the planet’s highest peak. Here’s what we’ve got planned:

Art: Supernovas will try their hand at puppetry while crafting Nepalese-style character puppet. They’ll use paper, clay and fabric to create flexible figures with a decoupaged head, expressive features and strong, articulated arms. Campers will finish their creations with clothing, hair and handcrafted accessories.

Outdoors: In a teambuilding challenge, Supernovas will find their footing in one of Everest’s icy rivers, working together with their team to stay safely afloat. In an Everest-themed version of a camp-favorite game, campers will face off to make their side of the mountain spic and span while competing with other kids to keep cast-off climber trash from landing in their space.

Science: Campers will harness the power of hydraulics to engineer a rescue robot. They’ll build sturdy, symmetrical frames with hinged arms and systems of tubes and syringes to power them. They’ll also design climbing tools and articulated devices to help their bot move up the mountain and save stranded climbers.

We’re looking forward to the adventures in store for campers this summer. If you’re interested in learning more about our art, science, and outdoor summer camps in your area, click the button below to find a location near you. ????