Zoom, fly, bolt and blast away with Galileo’s brand new STEAM Handbook. Written by Galileo curriculum developer Lance Akiyama and based on our favorite projects from camp, the 18 activities included in this book are designed to inspire kids to engineer extraordinary creations using ordinary materials.

Here are just a few of the innovative, playful projects you’ll find in Galileo’s Zoom, Fly, Bolt, Blast STEAM Handbook:

Machines: Pneumatic Lift

Did you know you can lift incredibly heavy things using just air? It’s true: Pneumatic (new-mat-tik) means powered by air pressure. You’ll create a pneumatic-powered machine that can raise a heavy load, practicing determination to lift your load as high as possible

Structures: Suspension Bridge

Modern suspension bridges are a feat of engineering. The bridge deck—the part that people and vehicles travel on—is suspended from thick metal cables, which in turn are supported by tall towers. All you’ll need to create your own strong and sturdy structure is some paper, cardboard, string and straws.

Biomechanics: Grasshopper

Did you know that grasshoppers have a spring-like mechanism in their knees? Their legs are like little catapults. They store potential elastic energy in their legs, and then release it all once they jump, just like a rubber band. With some testing, redesigning, and reflection, you’ll use rubber bands to build your own high-jumping grasshopper, which could jump as high as 4 feet into the air!


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