At Galileo, we think science fairs are the perfect opportunity for kids to get immersed in STEAM—not only practicing their science, technology, engineering and math skills, but approaching their projects with a creative mindset (the “A” in STEAM). This mindset encourages kids to focus not just on results but on their process, one that includes trial and error, divergent thinking, dynamic problem solving and plenty of perseverance.

If you’re looking to add a little STEAM to your science fair season, look no further than our handy list of STEAM-minded websites and books:

Web resources

  • A museum, a workshop, an online resource for creating, making, building:
  • An online resource dedicated to hacking the way children and families learn: (or visit your local Curiosity Hacked Guild)
  • An online community for kids to discover new skills:
  • An online portal for kids to explore, share and make:
  • A library of helpful projects and learning approaches from our partners at the Maker Education Initiative:
  • A great science resource with a recommendation engine and resources for kids, parents and teachers:
  • 10 innovative STEAM project ideas:
  • Mini versions of some of the Exploratorium’s exhibits and explorations:
  • A collection of projects to try at home with your kids:

Books to check out

  • The Art of Tinkering (K. Wilkinson and M. Petrich)
  • Exploralab (The Exploratorium)
  • Exploratopia (The Exploratorium)
  • Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments (M. Adamick)