Do you know a kid looking for a way to give back to their community or the people in their life? These random acts of kindness are great ways for kids to envision and create a better world, either independently or with light support from their grown-ups.

#1: Write a Letter.

Make a list of any family members or friends who live in retirement or nursing homes, then write a note or make a card to surprise them. If you like that idea but don’t know anyone who fits the bill, ask an adult to help you pair up with a senior looking for a pen pal, or write to other folks like family in different cities or your neighborhood mail carrier.

#2: Be a Good Neighbor.

Generate some ideas about how you might improve the neighborhood where you live. Maybe you’d like to encourage your neighbors with uplifting sidewalk chalk messages, painted rocks, or window signs. Maybe you’ll leave your block better than when you found it on your next family walk by picking up some litter. Maybe you’ll even create something lasting, like a free little library.

#3: Help Out at Home.

One great way to lend a hand to the people you live with is to do some chores without anyone asking you to. Imagine how happy your family will be if you put away the dishes or tidy up school or creation supplies all on your own. Bonus points if the chore belongs to someone else, like putting away your sibling’s toys for them.

#4: Make Something Sweet.

There’s nothing quite like a freshly-baked batch of goodies. Think of someone who lives near you who you think could use a special treat, then drop off a pack of homemade goodies with a note of appreciation. These muffins and meringues are a fun place to start! If your intended recipient doesn’t have a sweet tooth, think of what else they might appreciate, like a bouquet of wildflowers wrapped with a ribbon or string.

#5: Start a Snack Station.

Keep a doorstep basket stocked with snacks or drinks to help delivery people and mail carriers grab a bite to eat on a busy day. Check with an adult first to make sure it’s okay to set up a snack station. When you’re stocking your snack shack, look for single-serving options like drinks in bottles or cans and snacks in small, pre-sealed bags. Bring it all together with a sign thanking visiting delivery people and explaining your set-up.

#6: Say Thank You.

Who are the people you’re grateful for right now? It could be the people you live with, your teacher, your friends, or someone else. Chances are, there are lots of people you appreciate. Think about who those people are and what they do that makes you grateful, then thank them for it. You can thank them in lots of ways, whether it’s face to face, over the phone, or through a card or letter. Thanking people for their actions can help them feel special and appreciated.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these ideas from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.