Tailored by age group and designed for optimal innovation, each of Camp Galileo’s whimsical weeklong themes features engaging hands-on projects, irresistible outdoor games and an immersive environment crafted to capture the imagination.

Here’s what campers are exploring this week in the National Parks Adventure theme, a wild journey into America’s most spectacular spaces.

Nebulas (Pre-K – K)

Rising pre-K and kindergarten campers are having an epic adventure in the Grand Canyon.


Project Spotlight: Lizard Puppets

Nebulas created their very own lizard puppets. After discussing different stamp-making ideas, each camper used a variety of materials and techniques to create paper printed with textures that look like lizard skin. After planning, creating, and testing their prints, Nebulas reflected by asking themselves how the initial prints turned out and which techniques created designs that really looked like lizard skin. They asked: How did the print come out? What will make it look like real lizard skin? Then they adjusted their printing technique and continued stamping accordingly.

Stars (1st – 2nd grade)

Rising 1st and 2nd graders laced up their boots for an adventure in Olympic National Park.


Project Spotlight: River Restoration Trucks

Stars began with the question “How might we create a rolling vehicle that can carry as many cubes as possible?” They discussed wheel construction principles and generated ideas for ways to create walls for their trucks using foam, straws, and tape. After planning their initial designs, Stars created prototype versions, then tested their trucks by filling their vehicles with cubes and pulling them across a bumpy surface. Practicing reflection, Stars noticed how many cubes stayed in, asked themselves how their trucks might carry more cubes, and then made adjustments accordingly.

Supernovas (3rd – 5th grade)

Rising 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade campers pointed their innovation compass towards spectacular Yellowstone Park.


Project Spotlight: Backpack Compartments

Supernovas are embarking on an epic, multi-day project: designing and building ergonomic backpacks. Focusing specifically on their pack compartments, Supernovas considered how they might create custom spaces that meet their needs and enhance their backpacks. They discussed how to use 3D cardboard construction techniques to create different shapes, then put their newfound knowledge to the test as they planned a design for their first custom compartments. When it came time to test, Supernovas considered whether their compartments were durable, easy to use, and the right size and shape, then adjusted accordingly and decided on a design for their next compartment.

Meteors (6th – 8th grade)

6th, 7th and 8th graders are setting the scene for scenic relaxation by constructing a portable, customized camp chair.


Project Spotlight: Custom Stencils

After constructing the main form of their camp chairs, Meteors personalized their creations with one-of-a-kind stenciled designs. They brainstormed lists of traits they value and national park animals, combining items on the two lists to come up with stencil inspiration. After deciding on one trait and animal pairing for their final design, Meteors drew their chosen animal in silhouette. They then asked: How do I like this shape? What areas would I like to improve? They then redesigned their drawings accordingly and cut their final stencils.

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