Get moving with a design challenge that’s all about dance. Bid a fond farewell to flossing and get ready to create the next dance craze.


Suggested Ages: 5+  

This is no ordinary DIY project for kids: It's a step toward becoming an innovator.

Every Galileo Design-It-Yourself challenge teaches the same techniques that professional designers, engineers, artists and chefs use in their work. With skills like these, we believe you can change the world.

Step 1

Find a song. Pick one you already know and love, or find something new. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this playlist of instrumental dance music.

Step 2

Divide your dance space into two sections. Put a piece of tape on the floor or set down an object to mark the dividing line. You’ll make different movements depending on which section you’re in.

Step 3

Dance to the song four times to get ideas for moves you might want to use in your final dance. Each time, try using only one type of movement in each section:

You can jump back and forth between the sections as much as you want during the song!

Step 4

It’s time for your final choreography! You can always add dance moves before and after. Mix up sharp, smooth, curved, bent, big, small, high, and low movements for a super innovative dance routine.

  • Mindset

    PRO TIP: If you have a favorite part to the song, start choreographing there. You can always add dance moves before and after.

Step 5

Share your dance. After all, sharing is an important part of innovation! Put on a performance for the people around you. Who knows—they might just learn a move or two. ????